Theo, 18 months

This is Theo at 18 months. Such a studmuffin!

His brothers and sister call him a muffin for short because “he really likes to eat muffins and also looks like one.” By that logic, they also call him a cupcake and a char siew bao and a mochi and any number of food items that are both squishy and delicious.

He then responds with “MUFFIN?? WHERE??? EAT MUFFIN! GIVE ME ALL THE MUFFINS!!!” He is usually not pleased to discover that there are no muffins to be eaten and it doesn’t end well.

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Theo at 18 months is super fun to hang out with because he gets very emotionally invested in things. He’s got all the feels all the time, which is way too much feels for such a little guy, but hey, I can’t argue with someone who believes in being all in emotionally.

These are the stages of Theo reading a book about a giraffe named Gerald who can’t dance and is mocked mercilessly by all the animals in the jungle.

Stage 1: Okay, a book about animals, I can totally go for that. 

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Stage 2: I’m not sure I like where this story is going.

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Stage 3: Full on frowny-face = WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME READ THIS, MOM???

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Stage 4: I can’t even look at this anymore, make it go away!!

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The story does end on a nice note, with Gerald finding his groove, but by then, it’s too little, too late. Emo baby can’t handle this much sadness in one book.

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