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Do the robo boogie

When I was a kid, everyone used to say that in 2010, we’ll have robots to do our bidding. While the idea was cool, I knew that a showdown between man and machines would be inevitable. And the outcome: a complete massacre.

So I used to say, give me human slaves any day. I’m way more confident of taking on a malnourished slave that hasn’t eaten for a week than a giant chunk of metal. Not that I’m encouraging slavery. That sort of thing is illegal now. I’m just saying that if I needed to have slaves, I’d pick humans, you know. You don’t want to mess around with stuff like robots.

But nobody listens to me anyway. These days, there are robot vacuum cleaners, robot mops, robot toilet bowls, robot practically anything.

As it turns out, my son, he’s terrified of robots and well, basically all kinds of inanimate objects that move by themselves. He calls them bots very ominously.

My mom has a roomba irobot that’s in charge of keeping the house spick and span (which I must admit is a formidable invention). Tru goes ballistic every time it comes alive. I think he thinks that it’s going to attack him.

Then the other day, he was watching Baby Einstein on DVD with Kirsten and he suddenly starts bawling. Which was bizarre because he loves tv. So I asked him what was wrong and he kept saying bot, bot. And I realized that there were 2 robots (like authentic R2D2 lookalikes) doing the robo boogie on screen.

To test out my theory, I showed Tru this video. And it TOTALLY freaked him out. This, I’m not kidding.


So it’s begun. The robot invasion. In 2010, the not so distant future. I’m teaching him to do the robo boogie so that in case the robots decide to attack, he can blend in and assimilate. It’s a skill I learnt from Sun Tzu (blending in, not the robo boogie). And you can never go wrong with Sun Tzu.

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