Finn vs Maru

Of all the things I thought I’d google, I didn’t think it’s ever be “HELP, MY BABY IS TURNING INTO A CAT.”

And not just any cat, but Maru, the legendary cat in a box.

How did this happen? I do not know. This baby woke up one day and decided that the meaning of life can be found in cardboard boxes. Or something. And I’m turning into a crazy box collector lady just so that he can sit in them.

Finn’s motto in life these days is ““Is that a box??? Why, I must be in it!” I guess if one must have a motto, that’s a pretty good one to have. 

Round 1

finn vs maru 1


Round 2

finn vs maru 3


Round 3

finn vs maru 2


Round 4

finn vs maru 4

The End

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