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When I started the blog, I knew that one day, I’d want the kids to read it. After all this time spent writing, this would be a time capsule built for them one post at a time over at this little corner of the internet.

And when they’re ready, they’d be able to draw out all the memories of their growing up years strand by strand like in a Pensieve and experience what it was like for me to live through them. They would have a collection of words and pictures to look back on; to know that in every single moment of their lives (in all the good and bad and difficult ones), they were so loved.

From time to time, I’d show some posts to the kids and previously they’d be all disinterested like “um, okay cool“, which is a patronising way of saying “that’s really boring, mom“.

But recently, Truett has been asking to read the blog using his allocated weekly screen time, which is kind of a big deal because out of all the awesomely fun things he could be doing like playing the Wii or watching his favourite shows, he actually wants to use it to read the blog like it’s a treat.

I asked him if he was ok having all these moments in his life being out there on the internet. It wasn’t a conversation I was able to have when he was younger but now that he’s 8, I’d want to respect his right to privacy if he wanted it.

Hey Tru, if it’s weird for you, you can always tell mommy ok. I won’t write stuff about you unless you’re comfortable with it.

Of course it’s ok! I like reading it so you can write more,” he said, before proceeding to instruct me on the kind of posts I needed to do more of. “I like the ones with a lot of photos of the cute babies and them pretending to say stuff.

You mean like this one?”

Ya, it’s very funny. And I also like those about me.

Yes, sir! But if you ever feel like you don’t want to be on the blog, you’ll talk to me?”

Don’t worry, you can keep writing. I’ll be your biggest fan.

My son just told me he’s my biggest fan. :) 7 years doing this and I think this is the most glorious moment I’ve had as a blogger.

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