Suddenly, 2 months!

Baby Theo turns 2 months old today. 2 whole months, how about that?

theo 2 months

Caring for a newborn for the fourth time has been quite the adventure. You’d think all babies are the same but they’re not. I mean, they all need the same things, like nappy changes, feeds, burps, cuddles and naps, but so differently. With each baby, it’s like learning a new dance and we’re slowly discovering our rhythm; a little twirl here, a step there, a double reverse spin finale. Each one is always new and exciting.

But you know what’s always the same? How intense it is. You get to the end of every day feeling tired to the bone and all your days and nights roll into one endless whirlwind of non-stop baby duty.

You’ll just be doing your thing, trying to find your groove and suddenly, they’ll decide to grow up on you. One day they’re all glassy eyes and skinny chicken legs and next thing you know, they’re a squishy ball of yummy baby fats.

I don’t know if this makes sense but babies, they take a long time to grow up suddenly.

Here’s a little bit about my littlest man Theo, at exactly two months old.

  • He’s developed a very respectable set of chubby thigh folds. You know how my mission with each newborn baby is to fatten them up for chewing? Fat baby thigh folds are the measure of my success. This baby at 2 months? SUCCESS.
  • Coos and gurgles at everyone. If you talk to him, he’ll respond with his special brand of baby gurgling, maybe even throw in a smile. He’s going to be a talker, this one.
  • Most definitely loves his daddy more than any other human in the world, including the one person who carried him for nine months and gave birth to him. His lovestruck gazes and sweetest smiles are reserved for his papa. What? No, I’m not bummed, why would you think that? No, not bummed at all…
  • Because the only exception to the favourite daddy rule is when he’s hungry. Or tired. Or needs momma’s cuddles. Then it’s mom time only.
  • After a rocky start to nursing, he’s latching on like a pro. We’ve got a great system in place now, and a firm understanding of how this works. I bring the boobs and he brings the hungry baby tummy.
  • Slept for 5 hours straight a total of 1 time. It just happened one night and I woke up feeling like it was my birthday and christmas and all the awesome days in the world smooshed together. It hasn’t happened again since – I’ve tried replicating everything I did that night but I guess it’s just not meant to be.
  • Motor function at about 30% tops. He tries to bat at toys but usually ends up smacking himself in the face, poor kid.
  • Most of all, adores his siblings. He knows they’re his people and loves watching them run around the house like he can’t wait to be part of the gang. Patience, young padawan, you’ll be trained in the way of the force soon enough.
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