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The next time I go for an event, I’m going to turn up in a Lady Gaga outfit

Always nice to have some photos to start off the week.

We’re really enjoying our weekly swimming sessions with friends. And by we, I mean Tru, who is thrilled to have someone else to shoot besides his sister because it’s no fun shooting water at someone who is completely defenseless. It’s like shooting at a creepy old dude with a walking stick. Oh wait, that’s actually quite fun.

Also, I turned up for the launch event on Saturday in my T-shirt and jeans thinking it was a casual, dress down affair. I figured that I’d just blend in with the crowd, clap a little and head off for a coffee. Then I reached and everyone else was looking a little more spiffy than I expected. It was a good thing I had Kirsten with me because babies are the best accessories. I was shifting uncomfortably in my seat until the guest of honor, MP Josephine Teo showed up also in a T-shirt and I felt a lot better.

Right in the middle, there was a fancypants ceremony where all the bloggers were introduced and we had to go onstage to hold hands and press a button. Except that I was carrying a baby in one hand and trying to hold hands with an actual guest of honor, which was probably more important than pressing the button. So obviously, I was the only one who didn’t get to press the button but I totally pressed it on my way down the stage so I guess it counts.

Besides that, it was a really nice affair where I got to sit beside Edmund, famous daddy blogger and his awesomely cute little girl. Although there was one awkward moment during the photo op where I had to explain that we were married but not to each other because it seemed like such a nice little family picture.