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Smoke gets in your eyes


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I’m not very much fond of of talking about the weather but today I make an exception because the haze situation here is clearly out of control.

I woke up this morning and for a moment, I thought the house was on fire. Hurriedly, I bolted out of bed and was relieved to discover that it was the haze but only just – and it’s the sort of relief that comes when you realize that you’ve been stabbed in the thigh instead of the neck.

In the living room, the kids were already changed and ready for school like they usually are. The husband opened the door to step out and the haze was so ridiculous that everyone hastily retreated back in. I’ve never walked into the Sahara desert during a sandstorm or tried to escape from a burning building but I imagine it feels something like this.

So we’re all home and I’m trying to create a protective bubble with all the windows closed tight. Who would have thought that the little air purifier we got some time back is now the single most treasured appliance in our house? I make the kids crowd around it like a campfire spot because for now, it’s the closest thing we’ve got to clean air.

It’s not really working though.

The kids are having drippy noses. Baby Finn is rubbing his eyes all the time and he’s hacking away with a mild fever. It feels miserable enough for me so I can only imagine how much worse it must be for their tiny lungs to cope with a Pollutant Standards Index level that’s well above the hazardous range.

It makes me want to hulk smash something except that it will be too strenuous while I’m breathing in dangerous smoke particles. And it’s getting hard to look on the bright side when one can barely see at all. Let’s hope things get better soon.

You guys stay safe!

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