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Innocent until Proven Guilty

Ok, I’ve read your comments and I hear what you’re trying to say. I even agree with a lot of them, except those calling me awful names, obviously.

Like most of you, I believe in integrity and truth and justice and accountability.

The fundamental difference is that you’re working on the assumption that the five accused individuals are guilty. We’re not.

Pastor Kong Hee has asserted that he maintains his integrity.

In addition, the church has responded to the allegations, stating that “The S$24 million, which went to investment bonds, was returned to the church in full, with interest. We didn’t lose the S$24 million, nor did we lose another S$26.6m as alleged and no personal profit was gained by the individuals concerned.”

Yes, I know everyone is calling for evidence. There’s nothing we would like more than to present out side of the story and back it up with evidence. But as criminal charges are now before the court and will be subject to adjudication by the court, presenting our case at this point would constitute subjudice. So these five individuals are being portrayed by the media as guilty without given a chance to defend themselves.

In accordance with the law, we will be allowed to present our case and make our defence in due time, which we will.

I’m not asking for your support. Neither am I asking you to agree with everything we believe in. I’m not even going to ask you to stop calling me bad names. All I’m asking for is justice and fairness. That you consider the possibility that these five accused individuals are innocent. To give truth a chance and let the evidence speak for itself.

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