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A week of stuff

So first of all, baby Finn has been entirely stuck to me since we got back from the trip. He’s been like “I can’t believe I let you out of my sight for a minute and you disappeared for three weeks. That’s never happening again, understand?”

He used to adore me before we left but nothing like this. These days, he wants me all the time. No, he needs me all the time. He attaches himself to my person all day like a little siamese twin. I’m like his sunshine, rainbows, oxygen and favourite blankie all rolled into one.

Me? I’m enjoying every moment of it. On the pro-con list of having a baby, being their entire universe definitely makes it to the top of the pro column.

Two, spontaneous weekend outings are the best. We were out for a birthday party on Sunday and right after, we decided to detour to gardens by the bay for a little park time because nobody wanted to go home. And because PARK TIME!!!


They had the best time playing with grass. And each other. But mostly grass. Did you know that grass had so many uses? I didn’t. You can pluck it, pat it, point at it, step on it, use it to tickle your brother, pass it around, toss it in the air and pretend it’s snow, stuff it in your baby’s ear to make him squirm, the possibilities are endless.





Third, this took place right before we chopped off The Hair and looking at these pictures make me realise how much I MISS MY BABY’S HAIR. It’s giving me sudden sharp pangs of regret but I look at his new do and I guess I sort of like it too. It’s just me being resistant to change.

Point #four, the end.

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