Ready for the move

Things have been a little crazy around here because we’re moving! After 8 years in this house, we decided to sell it because it felt like time for a change so we listed the place thinking that it would take some time to have it sold, but then it got sold pretty quick and everything has escalated and now we have to say goodbye to the house and we’re in transition, in a rental for a year until we get our permanent living arrangements sorted out. Phew! Just talking about it was tiring.

I don’t get sentimental about places but now that the move is finally happening, I think I’m going to miss this house quite a bit.

We’ve spent 8 years living here – it’s the place we moved into when we first got married, with just a bed, a sofa, some chairs and a coffee machine. And then we slowly added stuff to make it our home over the years.

I remember exactly where I sat the day I discovered that I was pregnant with Truett. I remember the turquoise bumbo chair my squishy little Kirtsen used to sit in to watch the world go by as an infant. I remember building forts with blankets and snuggling with my babies in them on rainy afternoons. It’s not fancy but this is the place we spent making so many memories as a family, and I think I’m really going to miss it when we leave.

//Thankfully though, it’s all been as smooth as I could have asked for (as smooth as such things go). But still, there’s so much stuff to look into, like the actual shift. I’m feeling a little nervy about having to pack up our entire lives into little boxes over the next couple of weeks.

In a way, it feels like the right time to start something new. Which is good because change can be so exciting. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!

//Interiors blogs are my new obsession. Here, herehere and here. All these gorgeous homes with amazing decorating ideas and I can’t stop looking at other people’s homes. I think maybe I’ll do one of these homely nesting posts once everything is up and ready.

In the meantime, look, my babies at the playground over the weekend.

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Got Cake?

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Chubbycakes here has been doing a lot of growing lately so it’s time for an update.

Oh, guess what his all time favourite food is? Cake. He discovered cake like a month ago when Kirsten offered him a tiny bite and his eyes immediately lit up like “WHAT IS THIS PARTY IN MY MOUTH?? GIVE ME MORE!!!” Pandora’s box of cake has now been opened and he loses it a little whenever he is in the presence of cake. Any kind of cake within his field of vision must be making its way swiftly into his mouth or else this happens.

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Ok, I’ll confess to sometimes making the cake detour into my mouth just to see this face because it’s funny and I’m a terrible parent and this face of full on rage is like 27 kinds of adorable.

While we’re talking about faces, these are some of his current choice ones.

Please, more cake?

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What do you mean no more cake?

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Urgh, I can’t even look at you right now. 

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Now that we’re done talking about cake, here are some other Theo related stuff.

//Watching these 2 play together is not good for my ovaries. Just last night, Theo climbed all over Finn and tried to kiss him on the nose, but he’s not very good at kissing so he just let his open mouth hover over Finn’s nose like he was going to eat it.

“Not like that, baby Theo. You must do this,” Finn said, before planting a proper, lip-smacking kiss back on his baby’s little button nose.

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//In a stunning turn of events, this baby is finally sleeping through the night. I had fully given up on having him sleep more than 3 hours at a stretch and then suddenly, it was like whole bunch of birthdays and Christmases showed up all at once. I’m talking 12 hours uninterrupted every night.

It happened while we were away in Melbourne – he spent the week at my mom’s house and I think it was a combination of not having boobs plus grandma’s amazing sleep-training bootcamp. It was like coming home to a new baby.

Well, I guess uninterrupted sleep is overrated. Hahahahaha said no mom ever.

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A little clarity

Yeahhh the kids are back in school, and is that a collective sigh of relief I hear this morning?

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Actually, I’ve rather enjoyed having Truett around with me all day this past month. He’d join me for breakfasts, to the market, off to run errands; it feels just like the time we had just him and me before all the other kids came along.

Last night, I was helping Tru to pack his bag for school, feeling thoroughly pleased with myself for being such a responsible parent. I’d gone through his homework early, and even prepped him for next semester’s spelling, it’s all good. When suddenly, he was all “OH NO, I NEED TO BRING PICTURES OF STUFF WE DID DURING THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!”

“Wow, ok, we had a whole month to do this and you tell me this now just before bedtime? I can’t get you prints by tomorrow morning but here, I’ll draw you a panel of stick figures hanging out at the zoo and you can colour them in.”



Of all the kids, Finn has had the biggest battles with separation anxiety. He was doing well for a bit, but the past few months, he’s been sad and teary eyed when it’s time for school every morning. This morning, he was in tears again while he was leaving for school and turns out that he’s got a mild fever so the husband brought him back home to rest.

“I’m so happy I get to see you, mommy!!” he announced as he got home.

Incidentally, he’s completely well now with no fever or any other signs of discomfort. Some kids try to fake an illness, but this boy has perfected the art of giving himself an actual fever at critical moments in life. Very impressive.

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the face of victory


In other news, I finally had my eyes done last week and I would like to state categorically that my quality of life has improved by 5000%. No, much more.

I’ve been wearing specs since I was 7 and all I can remember is being dependent on glasses and contacts. Dry eyes, itchiness, general eye discomfort, that’s what I’ve learnt to get used to all my life.

One time, I broke my specs and it took a week to have them replaced. I was so miserable that entire week because all I could see were blurry blobs of colour. Waking up to feed the baby (Kirsten!) was exceptionally bad. I tried warming up the milk without putting in my contacts and poured scalding hot water all over my hand instead of the warming bowl. So I ended up having to stuff contacts in my eyes several times a night after wearing them all day.

These days, I open my eyes in the morning and instinctively reach for my glasses but then I realise that wait a minute, I CAN SEE. It’s like waking up to a miracle every morning.

And how was the procedure? Absolutely terrifying.

Everything about it was terrifying: having the suction thing clamp my eyeballs, hearing the laser cut a flap in my cornea (like a rubber band snapping sound), watching the surgeon flip open the flap with his pointy device, smelling the laser burn off parts of me cornea, watching the surgeon flip back the flap with his pointy device, and finally feeling him squeegee the flap down to make sure it’s in place.

After the surgery, my left eye was remarkably pain free but the right eye hurt for 2 straight days like it was being constantly being scraped with a piece of glass. It’s day 4 and I feel much better. It’s just a little dry and sore but I expect that it’ll go away in a week or two.

But for perfect vision, so worth it.