Just a shy guy

just a shy guy3 Just a shy guy

One, the husband is going to slaughter me for posting this picture on the blog because deep down inside, he’s just a shy guy who doesn’t like the spotlight (we’ll get to that in a minute) but it’s too good not to share so in the spirit of compromise, I’m (reluctantly) cropping out most of his gorgeous face and delicious muscles.

Two, artistically speaking, the focus and aperture and composition for this photo ain’t great but it’s one of my all-time favourites because…

Three, I look at this and I get a glimpse of my two favourite shy boys. Recently, baby Finn has taken to burying his head in his father’s chest whenever he meets new people, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And I know exactly where he got that from because that is the same look his daddy had when we first started dating. He’d be all confident and suave in a large group but when it was just him and me, he’d look at his shoes nervously and I’d see those same eyes.

Four, that chest sure looks comfy.

And five, smooth-talking casanovas are overrated. If you ask me, shy guys are the very best kind there is.

Always baby burritos.

“Mom! Can we build a fort, please please please?”

I made a quick mental calculation: set up time – 20 minutes, dismantling time – another 20 minutes, effort required – in the region of far too much. I glanced at my to-do list and nuh-uh, fort building was out of the question today.

“Um, how about another time? Hey let’s do some colouring instead. Here’s a bunch of crayons, knock yourselves out guys.”


“Can I play dress up with my princess Belle dress?”

This particular dress was a colossal pain to wash by hand and the odds of her spilling chocolate milk on it or getting ink stains on it or getting it ripped while tearing up and down the house were a gazillion to one.

“We should keep it for special occasions, sweetheart. If not, it’ll get destroyed and you won’t be able to wear it anymore.”


“I’m bored. Shall we go to the playground?” Truett asked.

Out of nowhere, his sister’s voice replied, “I don’t think so, kor kor…mommy’s busy. Maybe another time, ok?”

OUCH. In the scheme of awful mom moments, that was one of my worst.

Right then, I realised that I was turning into one of those parents who said no all the time. In my head, I had super important valid reasons for the each no and I even tried to disguise them as maybe laters but they were really just a whole bunch of big fat NOs. I was busy and anything that was too messy or time consuming or required too much effort had a default NO attached to it. Worst of all, the kids were catching on.

There’s value to kids learning that they can’t get what they want all the time but it’s like moms are given a bag of NOs at the start of the day and these should be used wisely and sparingly.

Me, I was blazing through my bag of NOs faster than I knew how to replenish them. And since they weren’t the sort to throw a hissy fit when they didn’t get what they wanted, most of the time, they’d just walk away with disappointment all over their little faces. At the rate I was doling out NOs, it was probably a matter of time before they knew to stop asking for my attention and company completely.

I needed to start turning my NOs into YESs. Yeses? Yesses? Whatever the plural of yes is.

I looked at my laptop and then I looked at the kids who had turned their attention to making a human burrito out of a very bewildered baby Finn and it was suddenly clear which one of those things was more important.

Burritos. Always baby burritos. And then we would play dress up and build a fort and maybe even squeeze in some time for the playground.

baby burrito Always baby burritos.

My baby’s home!

Airports are just about the happiest places in the world.

Because this.

ive missed you so much My babys home!

Tonight’s the night Tru comes home and we’ve been counting the hours since we got up this morning.

Then we got to the airport and it was all so dramatic – Kirsten saw them walking from afar and started jumping and waving and yelling “KOR KOR!! CAN YOU SEE ME?? KOR KORRRRRRRR I’M HERE!!!” Finally, he did see her and there was some running and lots of hugs and too many kisses and happy faces all round.

kids My babys home!

My world is complete again.

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