Two looks real fine on you

Our little man Finn had a birthday last week but with baby Theo in the hospital, it kind of flew by under the radar. I didn’t even get to see him once in the entire 24 hours, which I was really bummed about. But he was really sweet about it and he just made the most of his little birthday by having fun at home with Tru & Kirsten.

We made it up to him by declaring the next 3 days his follow-up birthdays and he was absolutely delighted with himself; the kind of unbridled delight that kids get on super special days. 3 whole days of “Happy Birthday, Finn Finn!!” was a real treat.


We had to reschedule his party but this awesome little boy didn’t even mind. I told him he’d have to wait 2 days to celebrate his birthday with his friends in school and he just smiled and said “Ok momma.”

“Finn Finn eat cake?” he asked.

“Yes! And not just any cake but daddy got you a special ice-cream cake with your favourite vanilla flavour. Who wants ice-cream cake?”

“Ice-cream cake? ME, ME, ME!!” he pointed at his chest enthusiastically. A mashup of his two favourite things? It was all he needed for a rad party.



True to tradition, I’ve written him a letter that he’ll get to read once he nails those phonics lessons with momma. But first, photos of this little heartthrob!

finn in a box

finn 4


finn 2

finn 5


Hey Finn,

It’s birthday time!! I’m so excited. Not nearly as excited as you are, but pretty close. Know why? It marks two whole years that I got to spend with you and those have been a pretty amazing two years.

You are my pocketful of sunshine, my little shooting star. Seriously, WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE? I could munch on those delicious cheeks all day while snuggling and reading stories and fixing a thousand puzzles. Or mostly the same puzzle a thousand times. So it’s kind of my job description to hang out with you but here’s a secret: getting to spend my day with you is like the best gig in the world. Being with you is so naturally easy and always, always fun. Just a little Finn-time makes me smile on the gloomiest days.

You’re like lightning in a bottle. All that awesome packed into one tiny little body, it’s electrifying. And also ridiculously exhausting. You’re constantly doing stuff – climbing, running, galloping, somersaulting, climbing some more. Being your mom is strenuous business but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

You love so freely and you’re so extravagant with your affection that sometimes, I’m afraid you might get hurt by people who might not love you back the same way. But you’ve taught me that there’s only one way to love and it’s with everything you’ve got.

Here are some of your two-year-old milestones that are so irresistibly cute:

You’ve grown into a fine little gentleman. You know that any question ending with “please” is so much more likely to result in a “yes“, and “thank you” goes a long way in keeping those “yeses” coming.

You love blueberries and you’ll use them to make elaborate smiley faces before eating them. As with all food fads, you might wake up and decide to hate them tomorrow but for now, I’m loving that goofy blueberry smile.

You’re obsessed with the finger family song. Last weekend, you sang “brother finger” while waving your third finger everywhere around town. You just wouldn’t stop. It’s considered rude, you know. I tried distracting you with other songs or even other fingers but it was brother finger all day. Thankfully, that’s over. I get very nervous when you do that song in public.

Playing hide and seek with you is a riot. You’ll hide somewhere obvious and I’ll call “Finnnnn…” and you’ll yell “Cominggg…” before running right out. That’s not how hide and seek works, it’s adorable.

You’ll come to me at various points of the day to peer at me and say “Love you, momma. Up top!” before giving me a hi-5. It’s one of the things I look forward to every single day.

I love you, kid. Always and always. And Happy Birthday!


No more baby scrubs

Phew, Friday! It’s been quite a week and I’m glad to be reaching the end of it.

Started out with Finn catching a bug from school and you know how it is with multiple kids at home, germs multiply faster than a warm petri dish. I told Finn not to touch his little brother but he would forget and try to kiss him or pat him on the head with his drippy germy mucus fingers and I’d be like “NOOOOOOOOO” but then it’d be too late so sighhh, party on, germfest, I’ll bring the champagne.

On Tuesday evening, the inevitable happened. Theo started having a runny nose and phleghmy cough and a temperature so we brought him to the paediatrician for a consult. Turns out that whenever newborns have a fever above 38.1, it’s considered a case of neonatal pyrexia, which requires immediate medical attention. We were told to rush him to KKH to be warded. At the hospital, the doctors told us that they would watch him for 24 hours and if the temperature stays above 38, they would have to do a whole bunch of tests like a lumbar puncture (major ouch!), multiple blood tests, a drip, a chest something something…it all sounded really painful.

That first night in the hospital was miserable. Baby Theo cried and cried and cried and cried all night long. He was fluish, he couldn’t breathe, he struggled to drink, refused to sleep and when I finally managed to get him to doze off, the nurses would come in to take his temperature/bp and he’d wake up and cry all over again.

When the on call doctor came in at 4 in the morning, I was so high, I was seriously trippin. She was asking me all these questions that my brain couldn’t process. “Siblings…medical history…temperature…allergies…words…words…words…” I think she figured I was mentally challenged because I kept stoning out and I would stare at here in silence for extended periods before replying with “um…sorry, what?” In that state, I wouldn’t have been able to recognise my mother if she walked into the room. At one point, she said, “this is really important, we need this information to make a proper diagnosis” and I was all “yes ma’am!” Just give me a shot of coffee and a slap in the head, I’ll be fine. No, in fact, all I wanted to do was lie down and cry.

When you’re stretched beyond your physical and emotional and metal limits, sometimes you just want to wallow and feel sorry for yourself. At least I do. That felt like a perfect time to wallow.

But wallowing never did any good to anyone so instead, I held my sad baby and walked and prayed and forced myself to think about all the things to be grateful for.

1. His temperature was going down, which meant he didn’t have to do any of those scary. painful tests. Every temperature check that fell below 38 degrees was one step towards recovery. So each time they took his temperature and it recorded 37.8 or 37.6 or 37.5, I’d celebrate and give my baby a hi-5.

2. The baby next door had a code blue situation (there was an announcement, like “Attention all medical staff, code blue in room 12, I repeat, code blue in room 12…”) and I couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like for that baby’s momma, it’s heartbreaking. At that moment, I was just thankful that my baby was getting better.

3. The nurses took amazing care of Theo. They would carry him and talk to him and try to make him smile.

4. We had a really nice room at the hospital. It was full so they put us in a huge isolation room that felt homely and comfy. Ok, trivial, but definitely a huge boost for morale.

5. After 2 days, his temperature returned to normal and we were allowed to go home. For that, I was most grateful.

It’s good to be home.

no scrubs

4 kids? Nailed it.

A month in and we’re still trying to get our groove with this 4-kid routine. It’s turning out to be trickier than I thought – meal times that have to sync with nap times that have and milk times and bath times and a whole bunch of other unscheduled times like spelling practice and reading and crazy games.

More often than not, it’s just a series of mayhem moments that last throughout the day.

But then right there in the middle of a crazy day, there’s one of these moments, the “4 kids? Nailed it!” kind of moments.

group kisses

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