Greatest hits by Finn

I thought I’d get a head start on toilet training Finn, and they say the best way to learn is to watch someone else do it right, so I got Truett to perform a little demonstration.

Me: Hey Finn, who wants to learn to go pee like a big boy?

Finn: (points at his chest) Me, me, me!

Me: Kor kor will do a demo for you, just watch and learn. Ok, Tru, can you show your brother how this is done?

*Truett delivers a smashing demo of how to pee into the toilet bowl*

Finn: (giggles his head off) HAHAHAHAHHAHA PEE…PEE HAHAHA PEE…PEE HAHAHHA PEE…PENIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (grabs his face and continues laughing)

Me: Okay, this is not working out very well, let’s table this for another time, great job everyone!


So this little boy of mine hates haircuts with a vengeance. Remember how I was trying to grow out his gorgeous floppy hair when he was a baby? It might have something to do with the fact that no razor touched his head the entire first year of his life and this kid does not realise that haircutting is a very important part of civilised human existence.

Every haircut is a massive 3-man operation. The husband hugs him with a death grip and I have to hold his head in place while the hairdresser lady does her thing; and lo, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth. His eyes filled with big, sad tears, he’ll give me a look that says “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME MOMMA??? PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP!!!”

I tried to pep talk him before his recent haircut.

Me: It’s time for a haircut, baby. Don’t worry, you’ll be ok, it doesn’t hurt.

Finn:(frowny face) NO NO HAIR CUT. NO!

Me: But Finn is a brave boy. You can do it!

Finn: (points to my chest) Momma brave boy.

Me: Well, yeah, momma’s quite brave but I need you to be brave too ok?

Finn: (tears starting to form in his eyes) Momma brave boy. Finn Finn handsome boy. No no hair cut.

Me: I’m sorry, son. We need to do this. Daddy will have to hold you and you’ll be just fine. You just try your best?

Finn: (flops his head down on my shoulder, lots of tears streaming down his cheeks by now) Okay momma, okay. (sob, sob, sob)


On sharing apples…

Finn: (holds out his half eaten apple) Momma wants apple?

Me: Wow, sure!

Finn: One for Finn Finn, one for momma.

Me: (taking the last bite of apple) Thanks sweetheart!

Finn: Where Finn Finn’s apple?

Me: You just gave it to me so I ate it.

Finn: No more apple? Momma get ice-cream.

Me: WHAT?!! A tiny bite of apple in exchange for ice-cream? GAHH Total rookie mistake! I should have seen this coming but well played.


He’s got the sweetest, most heartfelt apology I’ve ever heard, which is probably why he gets so few time-outs. He flashes me those bambi eyes, does the sorry sign with his little fist and says “Sorry, momma, I’m sorry.”

Look at those eyes!!?? Okay, all is forgiven.

bambi eyes

Taking a slow day

It’s been a merry-go-round of flu viruses around here lately. Everyone’s been down, well, except Theo, who seems to have developed the body resistance of a little baby Hulk (a cute one!) and is soldiering on with large doses of my super immunity breastmilk. He was chain-sneezing a little bit for a day or two but then he turned the corner and seems stronger than ever. Yay for breastmilk.

Everyone else, though, has taken turns falling ill. Like hey, who wants a ride on the carousel of sniffles? Step on up! It’s tons of no fun and you’ll get off stricken with drippy noses and chesty coughs. I guess that’s what happens when there are 4 little humans in one house. I need a force field against viruses, urgh.

I’ve been trying to fight this off for days but CODE RED! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! this fortress has finally been breached. My limbs feel like lead and I’m all sorts of woozy so you probably shouldn’t take what I’m writing too seriously. Also, I’ve taken to spending my time curled up in bed with my sweet little chubby baby, going on marathon nursing sessions. I figured I’d give baby Theo as much antibodies as possible, plus it makes him sleepy, plus it’ll also make him fat and juicy in the process, plus I get to stay in bed all day. WIN to the power of four.

Sometimes, it’s hard to slow down when we’re so used to going at full speed all the time. I feel like I need to have a legit reason to hole in, y’know? It has to take something like a bout of overpowering illness to make us stop. In a weird way, it’s been good for us. This body could do with a reset.

And I realise how badly I’ve needed this. A slow day in bed with my sleepy baby just nursing and dozing off, listening to the comforting rhythm of his heartbeat and his contented baby sighs while the big kids are off spending the day with my in-laws.


Mandatory slow days are nice once in a while but here’s hoping we all get past this real soon.

Preschool – Nailed it.

tru graduation

4 years ago, Truett went to preschool for the first time. He stood at the door with a look that can only be described as absolute terror, with tears streaming down his sad baby face as I kissed him goodbye. That first day of school didn’t go very well at all.

Right up to that point, I was there for him every minute of every day. We were a team and we did everything together. I was there for his first step, his first words, the first time he fell and scraped his knee. Our world was all about playgrounds, mid-morning grocery runs, snuggles in bed, books at nap time, walks in the park, and I was there for all of it.

It took us both some time to adjust to a life with preschool in the picture. I was sad too because I felt like I was sending him off on a grand adventure that I couldn’t be a part of.

Everyday, I would tell him I missed him and ask about his day. How fun was school today? Missed mommy? Did you make new friends? What was your favourite moment of the day? He’d reply with a “ok, yes, yes, nothing.” Sometimes, he’d say, “I had fun.”

At first, the teachers told us he was painfully shy and a bit of a loner. His best friend was the only other quiet boy in class and their idea of being best friends was playing with toys alone within the vicinity of each other. They would sit near each other and hang out alone.

Over the past 4 years, he’s become this sweet, self-assured little man. When I picked him up from school last week, his friends yelled “BYE TRUETT!!” and he yelled bye right back with ease and confidence, giving one of them a bro hug before running off with his backpack. After school these days, he’d tell me about funny conversations he had with his friends, the crazy stuff they did and all the fun he had, and I’d listen with so much pride because I was listening to a boy who just 4 years ago, would hide in corners and close his eyes so others couldn’t see him.

In a few months, he’ll be graduating from preschool and heading off for new adventures in Primary 1. I couldn’t be happier for him.

I told him he’s grown to be a really fine young man and he said “I’m a young gentleman, mom!”

Yes. Yes, you are.

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