Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

1 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

2 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

3 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

41 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

52 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

6 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

7 Baby Finn sees bubbles for the first time

Pregnancy induced narcolepsy

It’s been an excellent Christmas by all accounts but I just haven’t been enjoying it like I should. My head tells me that all this is great and I should be having a good time but you know how when you’re pregnant and everything just draaaaags…

This pregnancy has not been kind to me, is all I’m going to say.

ALL THAT DELICIOUS FOOD EVERYWHERE AND MY BRAIN WON’T LET ME ENJOY IT. Nausea and vomiting aside, I’m also flat out exhausted. So many fun christmas parties to attend but I just want to be in a horizontal position all day. By the time I get to 10 in the morning, my system starts to go into shut down mode and I lie down for just a minute because my head feels so heavy and bam, I’m out cold. It’s like full on narcolepsy hitting me square in the face. I try to will myself to focus but none of those mind over matter techniques seem to be working. It’s no good, my body just won’t cooperate.

All I could think of is that I’ve never be gladder to be working from home because if I was working in an office and falling asleep all over the place like that, I’d be so fired.

My OBGYN says I should be *ahem* getting as much rest as I can, even if it involves 4-hour naps in the middle of the morning. He even offered me MCs to be on bed rest until I felt better – best doctor ever.

I’d love to say that I’m enjoying all the extra rest but most of the time, I wake up feeling as tired as before I napped and increasingly miserable because I just lost two hours taking a nap that doesn’t seem to help. I feel like I’m sluggish and unproductive and half drugged and there’s so much to do and I need to snap out of this.

On the bright side, the kids have been the sweetest. They take turns to tuck me into bed and fuss over me and the other day, I heard Kirsten shushing baby Finn and saying “shhhh, be quiet, mommy is pregnant she needs to rest.”

what does mommy do Pregnancy induced narcolepsy

It’s Christmastime!

It’s here! Christmas is here!!

(So is santa baby, it seems.)

finn1 Its Christmastime!

This is us signing off for the holidays. We’ve been so blessed this year and we’re really thankful for all the friends we’ve made through the blog, the love and kindness we’ve received from all of you. Thanks for sharing our lives and we hope that in some small way, this little blog has brought some joy and laughter to yours.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful time filled with love and peace and joy.

Merry Christmas!!

christmas Its Christmastime!

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