My baby’s home!

Airports are just about the happiest places in the world.

Because this.

ive missed you so much My babys home!

Tonight’s the night Tru comes home and we’ve been counting the hours since we got up this morning.

Then we got to the airport and it was all so dramatic – Kirsten saw them walking from afar and started jumping and waving and yelling “KOR KOR!! CAN YOU SEE ME?? KOR KORRRRRRRR I’M HERE!!!” Finally, he did see her and there was some running and lots of hugs and too many kisses and happy faces all round.

kids My babys home!

My world is complete again.

Puzzle time with Finn

This is baby Finn, my nerdiest baby by far. In his free time, he likes to read books and fix puzzles and build abstract lego structures.

puzzle time 1024x1024 Puzzle time with Finn

And it’s not like we don’t give him non-nerdy toys either. Truett has a formidable stash of toy cars and trains which he used to spend hours playing with but Finn doesn’t quite get what to do with them. He’ll roll them around for like all of 3 seconds and then he’ll be like “pffft…this is so lame. WHERE ARE MY PUZZLES???”

I get such a kick out of watching this geeky baby work on baby puzzles over and over. Moms are totally allowed to do that.

So I’ve got these boxy shelves from Ikea and yesterday, I heard baby Finn yelling STUCK! STUCK! from the vicinity of my Ikea shelves. I ran in to discover this.

finn2 Puzzle time with Finn

Clearly, he’s taking the whole puzzle thing a bit too far. He managed to fit himself into one of the cubes and didn’t know how to get out so I did my mom thing and rushed to um, grab my phone for a photo.

PS. He’s since figured out how to get himself unstuck.

PPS. This is his new favourite hiding place. By hiding place, I mean super obvious spot where everyone pretends not to see him.


6 days is too long

Truett is off for a 6-day adventure in Taiwan with my mom and I’m already missing him to bits.

But based on a a little conversation I overheard last night, it seems like the one who misses him the most is his best friend/baby sister.

bffs 6 days is too long

Kirsten: Kor kor, when you go to Taiwan, will you forget me?

Truett: Of course not! How can I ever forget about you? Anyway, it’s just 6 days, not forever.

Kirsten: 6 days is SO LONG! And you’ll be too busy having so much fun…and eating ice cream…and going playgrounds. I’ll be so bored when you’re not here, y’know!

Truett: Don’t worry, I’ll think of you all the time, that way I won’t forget you ok.

Kirsten: Ok, I hope you’ll come back soon, like tomorrow.

Truett: What? Tomorrow is too short! I’ll be in Taiwan until next week but I’ll bring back something super special for you, you like Frozen right? I’ll ask grandma to find an Elsa dress or something.

Kirsten: *squeals and goes in for a giant hug* I’m going to hug you all night and never let you go!


This morning, she woke up all teary-eyed and her first words were “IS KOR KOR GONE? I DIDN’T GET A CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE TO HIM!”

To cheer her up, I brought her out for a surprise outing to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman after school and when we were done, she said “That was great! Promise me you’ll bring kor kor to watch this when he comes back, he will love it so much.”

I’m so glad they have each other.

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