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Rockin’ a faux hawk, and other stuff

Yikes, we’re almost done with May and hasn’t this year has been positively blitzy? You know, I think I might have severely underestimated what it’s like to have 4 kids. The transition from 3 to 4 has been crazier than I imagined it to be. Much, much crazier. So many tiny people needing so many things! Most days, it’s just non stop action from the get go.

This has been happening a lot – I get to the end of each week and I wonder where all my hours have gone to.

In between helping Truett with his pursuit of academia, ferrying various kids to and from various places {have I mentioned that I’m cycling everywhere these days? I’m turning into a hipster; just me and my little beach cruiser. The kids unanimously agree that cycling is far superior to walking or sitting in the car as a mode of transportation} and other general mom stuff, I’m losing track of all the hours.


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//General mom stuff includes but is not limited to answering questions about why dogs are furry (I don’t know is not an acceptable answer, mom! Go check on your laptop), giving out post nap cuddles (the best kind), sponging sick babies (happening far too much lately), hosting dance parties, planning meals, washing bums and cutting hair. Yes, cutting hair. When one becomes a mom, one must learn to do mom things. I just gave Theo a haircut yesterday, see my masterpiece.

//Does he look like a big boy now or what??? He’s the best hair-cuttee of all my babies. I did briefly consider growing his hair out like Finn, but it was immediately vetoed by the husband. Good call, husband! This baby sure knows how to rock a faux hawk.

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The craziest thing is that I love it though, this crazy life. I feel obnoxious for loving it so much but urgh, I do love it so.


Keeping our homes safe from Dengue

Having spent several days with baby Theo in the hospital a few weeks back, I’ve come to realise that there’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as watching my baby battle an illness. To see his tiny body hooked up to a bunch of scary machines, looking all defeated and miserable, it’s more than this heart can take. 3 nights in KK Hospital with a sad, sick baby ain’t no staycation, is all I’m saying, and can I not do it again please??

The thing is, sometimes, it sneaks up on you real quiet like a sudden bout of pneumonia, and there’s nothing you can do except step into the ring and parry the punches.

But then other times, hospital stays are completely preventable, as long as we take the necessary preventive steps. And in those cases, you can be sure I’m doing everything I can to keep my babies safe.

For example, cases like dengue. Dengue is one of those ailments that can be prevented and all it takes are a few easy steps (hello, 5-step Mozzie Wipeout!). It’s a year-round threat so we need to be constantly vigilant, but especially during the hotter months of June to October, it’s when we need to step up our game against them pesky mosquitoes. This period is usually the worst due to accelerated breeding and maturation cycles of the Aedes mosquitoes and shorter incubation periods for the dengue virus.

So what is this 5-step mozzie wipeout you speak of and how is it done exactly?

I’m glad you asked.

It has 5 easy steps (yes, way to state the obvious) and they all have to do with getting rid of places for mosquitoes to make babies. You know how much I like babies, but if there’s ever an appropriate time and place to exterminate babies, this is it. Sorry, but nasty mozzies don’t get to have babies. Not on my watch.

5 Step Mozzie Wipeout

5 step mozzie wipeout

Specifically, I’m here to show you how to prevent mosquito breeding in your kitchen because hey, fun fact, did you know that water containers used in the kitchen and toilets are one of the most common breeding habitats of mosquitoes found in homes? If mosquitoes are looking for a safe place to have a little boom chica wow wow action, the first place they’ll go to is your kitchen and toilets.

But you’re not going to make it easy for them, are you? Just follow these 4 steps and you’ll be ok.

Step 1: Turn over all water storage containers when not in use.

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Step 2: Empty water from dish tray on alternate days.

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Step 3: Empty coffee machine drip tray on alternate days.

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Step 4: Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use.


Preventing dengue is a team effort and we all have to do our part because well, mosquitoes can fly and if you let them make babies in your house, they’ll not only make you and your babies sick, they’ll fly on over to your neighbour’s house and make their babies sick too. It takes all of us working hand in hand to keep each other safe.

You guys, I’m counting on you just as much as you’re counting on me. We can do this together.

//Remember to join the Stop.Dengue.Now Facebook page for community updates and other useful dengue prevention information.


Say momma

Baby Theo is learning to talk and it is straight up adorable. I’m talking full on heart eyes emoji situation here. I like all the big kid wisecracks I’m getting from the other 3 (even FInn!!) but incoherent semi-drunk baby talk? And all that effort it takes to make sounds?? That’s the stuff dreams are made of.


So one of the benefits of spending all this time with the baby is that I get to indoctrinate him on what word to say first. Uh huh, it starts with M.

This is what I’ve been spending my time doing and I’m pleased to say that indoctrination works because if you listen carefully enough, it just about sounds like mamamamamamama. :)