6 days is too long

Truett is off for a 6-day adventure in Taiwan with my mom and I’m already missing him to bits.

But based on a a little conversation I overheard last night, it seems like the one who misses him the most is his best friend/baby sister.

bffs 6 days is too long

Kirsten: Kor kor, when you go to Taiwan, will you forget me?

Truett: Of course not! How can I ever forget about you? Anyway, it’s just 6 days, not forever.

Kirsten: 6 days is SO LONG! And you’ll be too busy having so much fun…and eating ice cream…and going playgrounds. I’ll be so bored when you’re not here, y’know!

Truett: Don’t worry, I’ll think of you all the time, that way I won’t forget you ok.

Kirsten: Ok, I hope you’ll come back soon, like tomorrow.

Truett: What? Tomorrow is too short! I’ll be in Taiwan until next week but I’ll bring back something super special for you, you like Frozen right? I’ll ask grandma to find an Elsa dress or something.

Kirsten: *squeals and goes in for a giant hug* I’m going to hug you all night and never let you go!


This morning, she woke up all teary-eyed and her first words were “IS KOR KOR GONE? I DIDN’T GET A CHANCE TO SAY GOODBYE TO HIM!”

To cheer her up, I brought her out for a surprise outing to watch Mr Peabody and Sherman after school and when we were done, she said “That was great! Promise me you’ll bring kor kor to watch this when he comes back, he will love it so much.”

I’m so glad they have each other.

Things to be enjoyed about being pregnant

I’ve made it past the halfway mark for this pregnancy (hello, second trimester!) and I think for the first time since November, I’m starting to have a bit of fun with the pregnancy (as much as one can enjoy being pregnant, I suppose).

Maybe it’s because I know that this will be the last time I’m ever going to feel the tiny flutter of a baby’s little dance in my uterus and I’m feeling a bit sentimental. *The husband says there’s no need to be sentimental because hey, maybe #5 will be a girl and we should consider maybe going for it but… 1. looking at our track record, it’s far more likely #5 will be a boy and 2. until he grows a uterus, there will be no #5.

I’m still mildly nauseous and the heartburn is setting in plus I’m starting to look/feel like a whale but there are things to be enjoyed about being pregnant and these are some of my favourites.

1. Feeling the baby move. 

Biological? Maybe. For me, it’s possibly the best part about being pregnant. Usually, I’m going about my day and it’s turning out to be all kinds of stressful and then I feel the baby do a little somersault inside and it always makes me smile.

2. One word: BOOBS. 

Pregnancy boobs is like God’s way of making up for the year or so of trauma that follows after the baby is born, no question about it. Besides, this is the biggest they’ll ever be so I say milk it (sorry, that was impossible to resist).

3. Happy hormones.

Mood swings kind of go both ways. There’s having to learn how to manage the downs, which can be a bummer but there’s also the happy hormones that are just so full of happy. I guess the one good thing about a fourth pregnancy is being better equipped to bask in the happy hormones.

4. Nice hair.

Not really a big deal for some but I’ve had to deal with crazy hair all my life so in the 9 months that it stops and listens to reason, I’m going to throw a party and celebrate.

5. #WIN

Being pregnant is like having an all-access automatic win card. These days, I don’t even have to think of logical ways to explain why my argument is better. I simply point to my stomach like it’s a magical orb of awesomeness and the husband has to make nice.


On a semi related note, the husband was applying anti-stretch marks oil on my bump (I have a thing about oily textures on my hands) and the whole stomach rubbing episode must have seemed really weird to Truett, who was watching intently and finally, he was like “what’s that for?”


There has to be a universe where that’s a compliment so I’m going with it.

Let’s talk about…nosebleeds

Before baby Finn was born, I didn’t have much experience with nosebleeds. I knew what it was but I haven’t seen it happen to anyone up close (thankfully!). I was hoping to keep it that way too because I tend to go a little weak in the knees when I see massive bleeders.

And then I went and had a baby who makes nosebleeding a regular occurrence so now I’m kind of like a nosebleed expert. By regular, I mean that in the past 6 months, this little guy has had 5 episodes. That’s 5 times too many.

Each one goes more or less like this:

The kids will be in the room playing one of their crazy games like they usually do.

play play Lets talk about...nosebleeds

A commotion ensues. There’s some running and screaming and yelling. During which, I’ll hear words like BLOOD! QUICK RUN AWAY!! MOMMMMMM!

blood run away Lets talk about...nosebleeds

They always say not to panic when a bleeder happens but there’s usually only one response when you enter a room to see your toddler covered in blood – which is to throw your hands in the air, shriek a little and run around in circles.

panic Lets talk about...nosebleeds

By this time, the baby thinks that we’re playing a super fun game so he starts running around the room, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Btw, have you ever seen a nosebleeding baby sneeze? It’s like how artists create graffiti art with cans of spray paint, except with blood. It lands EVERYWHERE.

Eventually, what you get is a reenactment of the elevator scene from The Shining.

get back here Lets talk about...nosebleeds

I’ve tried several methods of containment and finally found one that works…BATHTUB TIME!

The only way he’ll let me go anywhere near his nose to attempt to stop the bleeding is when he’s distracted by bath toys. Plus I make sure he only bleeds into the tub instead of all over the entire house.

water play Lets talk about...nosebleeds

According to the doctors, nosebleeds are nothing to worry about and the important thing is to keep the baby calm and happy until it stops. What that really means is that baby Finn pretty much gets whatever he wants for the next 2 hours.

This kid makes bleeding look like so much fun.

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