Tru: Kirsten, can you play the superpower game with me?

Kirsten: Not right now, kor kor. I’m doing my colouring.

Tru: Please, pretty please? I’ll let you choose any superpower you want.

Kirsten: But the superpower game is super boring, I don’t even like it.

Tru: I’ll give you 2 dollars.

Kirsten: No thanks.

Tru: I’ll give you all the money in my piggy bank.

Kirsten: Um…ok.

*I typically don’t intervene in their negotiations but in this case, I had to because a) poor Truett was clearly getting fleeced and b) no money is to change hands between them. That’s not how family works. 

Me: Hey guys, bring it in, we need to talk about this. Ok, here’s a new rule: you both are not allowed to pay each other money for any game-playing services rendered. I’ll allow barter trade, or you can trade an equivalent service. Tru, how about you offer to play one of Kirsten’s favourite games? I’ll leave you to work it out but no paying money, understood?

Tru: Kirsten, how about I do colouring with you, then you play the superpower game with me?

Kirsten: But I like to colour by myself. Why don’t you play on your own and I’ll do my colouring?

Tru: I’ll let you choose 3 of my favourite toys for a week. Any 3 toys you want. And I’ll be your biggest fan.

Kirsten: *sigh* Ok, I get to have all your toys for a week. You also need to give me a super big hug and you’ll be my biggest fan forever.

Tru: Deal. You’re the best sister in the world!

I’m very interested to see how fun this superhero game is.

Also, Truett desperately needs a crash course on leverage and the art of negotiation.

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