Facebook?? Why don’t you face book and study.

kirsten & truett

Husband: Kids, do you know what daddy does at work?

Both kids: I know, social media.

Me: What is social media?

Truett: Um, Facebook! Also twitter and instagram.

Me: How do you even…WHAT? How is it that you guys know that?

*Both kids looking very pleased with themselves*

Me: Ok, how about mommy, what does mommy do?

Kirsten: Also social media?

Truett: *whispers to his sister* Kirsten, say blogger.

Me: No way…you guys are too smart.


Kirsten: Mommy, I show you something…

Me: Ok show.

Kirsten: *holding up a notebook*

Me: Oh, nice notebook.

Kirsten: It’s not a notebook. It’s my facebook.

Me: Hahahahahhahahaha. This is going up on the blog.


1 Comment on Facebook?? Why don’t you face book and study.

  1. Eileen
    September 4, 2013 at 11:45 am (2 years ago)

    Ong … Way too smart… Kinda scary.. They pick up so fast isn’t it?


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