Conversations that made me smile

Finn: *tries to take a book from Kirsten* Finn Finn READ!!

Kirsten: No, Finn Finn, if you want the book, you have to ask nicely.


Kirsten: What’s the magic word?


Truett: Hahahahahhahahah I taught him that.

Kirsten: Oi, not that magic word!! You’re supposed to say please but ok, here you go, you cute little boy.


Kirsten: Oh man that is so cray-cray.

Me: That is so what??

Kirsten: Cray-cray!

Me: How do you even know that word?

Kirsten: It’s just a cool way to say crazy, everyone knows that.

Me: Hey, don’t be too cool for me ok, I like you just the way you are.

Kirsten: Don’t worry, I’ll teach you so you can be cool too.

I thought of telling her that cray-cray is so 2011 and really cool people don’t have to try so hard to be cool but then what do I know about being cool. Someday these kids will define their own coolness and I’m gonna have to keep up.

Me: Ok, I’d like that.


I was watching Downton Abbey before bed and Kirsten was snuggled up next to me. The show is relatively safe for kids so I passed her one side of my earphones to share.

Kirsten: Why do they dress up so nicely for dinner in their house everyday?

Me: They’re aristocrats and it’s a thing they used to do back then.

Kirsten: Are they very special?

Me: Not particularly. They were just born into privileged families, I guess. It’s called tradition.

Kirsten: Can we do that at our house?

Me: Seriously?? I can’t imagine anything more insufferable, to spend an hour getting ready for dinner in my own house everyday. There’s a reason why people don’t do this anymore.

Kirsten: It would be so fun and I can wear my pretty dresses.

Me: I think you were born a century too late, sweetheart. You would be a perfect fit as an aristocrat. How about one of these days we dress up and go out for a nice dinner, just us girls?

Kirsten: Deal!

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