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One for all, all for one


These days, my 3 older kids have formed a kind of camaraderie, like a secret kids musketeers clubhouse code that us grown ups have no access to.

On one of the afternoons last week, it was getting too suspiciously silent at home so I went into the kids’ room to check on them. As I approached the room, I heard Kirsten whispering, (I’d describe it as more of a panicked yell poorly disguised as a whisper) “She’s coming, she’s coming! Quick!! <giggle giggle>

I was prepared for worse but thankfully, their choice of mischief for the day was to build a fortress using all the pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and various soft objects amassed from around the house. It was a glorious mess. And also pretty cool, depending on who you asked.

All 3 of them hastily flung themselves onto the pile and tried to hide it with their body parts as I stepped into the room and Truett added nervously “Um…nothing. We’re just playing quietly here…” I could see the huge fortress they’d been working on peeking out from underneath their little bodies and I thought about casually mentioning it but then it was too cute that they actually thought they would be able to successfully conceal it. Besides, bonus points for all that teamwork. So I glanced at the mess and back at their hopeful faces before saying “Ok, <dramatic sigh> have fun, carry on.

As I walked out of the room, I could hear them giggling and whispering “phew, mommy didn’t see it man!

It’s a good thing they didn’t see me smile.

PS. Maybe I’ll regret it when their finesse at skulduggery improves but I’m going to allow some latitude for mischief if it makes them learn to work together.

PPS. Also, whatever it takes to get 20 minutes of quiet around here.

PPPS. Mostly the second part.

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