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Kleenex, taking care of the little things


Running a household with 3 kids, I’ve come to realize that what everyone says is true, it is the little things that matters the most.

I used to look at all the things I needed to sort out and attack the big things first, thinking that those were the most important. Stuff like the house, renovations, major baby gear. Those were all great but along the way, I would get somewhat swamped and a lot of the little things got overlooked.

When we first had Truett and so new to the whole baby game, we’d budget big for items like a fancy baby monitor and baby spa sessions (both of which eventually wasn’t used much) and whatever else left over was allocated to essential daily items like tissues and wipes.

These days, we understand better and budget accordingly for the important little things – like even the toilet tissues in my bathroom.


It may seem so small and insignificant but trust me, there’s no worse way to spoil your day than to start it off by using itchy, scratchy toilet paper in the morning. In contrast, having your toilet well stocked with pretty, plush, absorbent and super-soft toilet tissues makes your day seem extra bright and happy.

I swapped out our previous toilet tissues for the new Kleenex Aloe Vera toilet tissues last week and Kirsten, my connoisseur of all things soft and fluffy, immediately came running out from the toilet with her seal of approval, like “MOM!! The new paper inside the toilet is very nice ah?”

I was surprised that she even noticed but kids are surprisingly observant when it comes to the really important things. We often think that they’ve got things upside down because they focus on seemingly little things but I think the truth is that they’ve got things the right side up. Which makes it so fascinating to see the world through their eyes.

But back to the toilet tissues.



I love how Kleenex Aloe Vera toilet tissues are so absorbent and so incredibly soft at the same time because I’ve tried some soft ones that required like 6 folds for it to do the job. I mean, I don’t get single-ply toilet tissues. WHY DOES IT EVEN EXIST?? It’s like whoever made single-ply toilet tissues ripped off the other ply from a regular roll and rolled it back up as a prank.

Two-ply ones are functional but three-ply tissues, now we’re talking. And these Kleenex Aloe Vera ones know how to pamper the kids’ delicate skin. The tissues are also enriched with Aloe Vera extract to make it extra soothing and gentle on their bottom.

Taking care of the kids doesn’t just involve looking into the big things, which we do. It’s also in all the little insignificant things like bathroom time. We made it a point to bathe for the kids and clean them after a poop even though we’ve gotten a helper at home. Bathroom time, it’s our thing and the kids know it. We sing songs, play with bubbles and talk about their day in the bathroom. And we keep the bathroom stocked with quality essentials so they know that we take care of them with the best.



Baby Finn’s favourite activity – sorting toilet tissues for momma

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