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My tale of laundry woes

I’ll just come right out and say it: laundry is my arch nemesis and the bane of my existence. If I’m Batman, then laundry is The Penguin, The Joker and Poison Ivy all rolled into one giant ball of dirty linen.

When I was staying with my mom, I discovered that I had special laundry powers. Every morning, freshly pressed laundry would miraculously appear in my drawers smelling like daisies and lavender. If I couldn’t find my favorite top, all I needed to do was yell “mom, where’s my favorite top?” and it would swiftly make its way to my arms accompanied by a chorus of little birdies.

Then during my hostel days in NTU, I suddenly lost that ability. No amount of yelling would make my clothes wash themselves and hang out to dry, so I found a way to wear my clothes for as long as possible before washing them, thereby reducing my laundry sessions to a biweekly affair.

Things got decidedly worse when I had kids because they didn’t seem to care much for my biweekly laundry plans. They spat up whenever they wanted and pooped, well, pretty much all the time. During those months of desperation, I had to resort to desperate measures. Laundry time meant grabbing bundles of clothes, dumping them into the washer and popping detergent in for a spin. It was followed by grabbing the washed bundles and stuffing them into the dryer for another spin. Which was in turn, followed by grabbing the dry bundles and dumping them into a giant basket in the storeroom. For several months, we had to pick out our outfits from said basket every morning. Ok, it gave my mom a cardiac arrest during one visit but it was our thing and it worked.

While my ingenious basket-system was high on efficiency, it pretty much killed our clothes very quickly. The husband’s Zara shirts became faded and out of shape after several washes, which was a real bummer.

Well, we’ve since abolished that system and are now extremely diligent in doing my laundry. More or less.

I was glad when Kao offered to send over their Color Bleach for a test run. First of all, I welcome all the help I can get in my daily epic battle with laundry. But more importantly, it was like a sign because Kao is my husband’s surname, and all the Kaos I know are pretty awesome (especially my 2 mini Kaos). I was all “look kids, this special product is named after you, which means you must help mommy with the laundry!” but they were like “meh, let’s play toys instead.” It was apparent that they acquired my special laundry powers.

Fortunately for me, I found out that Kao Color Bleach was good for removing stains and brightening colors at the same time. I always thought bleach was too harsh for clothes and its use should be kept to a minimum but Kao Color Bleach is a non-chlorine oxygen bleach that’s heavy-duty enough to vanquish stubborn stains but gentle enough for daily use.

In the spirit of really testing the powers of Kao Color Bleach, I decided to break out the finger paints for a no-holds-barred-mess-making session. Usually, I lay down a set of 48 rules during their finger-painting lessons, all of which revolve around ways to not make a mess. This time, I had only one rule – Do anything you want except eat it. They could smear it on their hair, their clothes, their limbs, the floor and even each other if they wanted.

They smeared it around in delight, then looked at the mess they made and were all like “ewwww so gross, I want mommy to clean.”

This was how their clothes looked like right after the painting.

Even with my limited laundry experience, I knew that stains left on clothes for too long can be really difficult to remove, so they went right into the washing machine while the paint was still fresh with ½ a cup of Kao Attack Detergent Plus Softener and Kao Color Bleach each. I didn’t even have to bother with any soaking or scrubbing.

And here’s how they looked after drying. I know right? Like magic. Ok, don’t say it, I know I’m totally degenerating into an aunty. It’s an occupational hazard, y’all.

I even got some laundry tips from Kao – my favorite one being How to Remove Blood Stains because you never know when that might come in handy. If you ever find yourself needing to remove blood stains from your clothes, quickly rinse with cold water then soak with detergent mixed with Kao Color Bleach and you’ll have them out in no time.

And now for the fun part. Fancy some samples of Kao Color Bleach Powder to test out yourselves? Head on over here to get a sample pack delivered to you & and find out more about all the other convenient laundry solutions that Kao has in store for you.

Wait, it gets better. After your sample of the Kao Colour Bleach has been mailed to you, you will receive a notification of the url to review the product. Let the good folks at Kao know what you thought about their product and you might just be one of the weekly winners to receive a year’s worth of laundry products!

So on that note…

Happy Laundrying? Laundering? Laundromatting? Laun…? Bollocks, my English is broken – I’m going to go fix it. Um, have fun!

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  • Reply Sarah July 21, 2011 at 10:53 am

    Hahaha love the blood stain tip. Because OBVIOUSLY, the first thing you’d be worried about when you’re bleeding profusely is your clothes. “Forget the gaping wound! We need to get the stain out of my shirt!!!”

  • Reply Daphne July 21, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Hahah EXACTLY. The wound will heal with time but the stain is not going to remove itself.

  • Reply San July 22, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Ooh, I had special laundry powers too. Strangely disappeared during my days in hostel-living (strange how that does to us) but magically reappeared when I hired my maid! Hahaha…

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