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Nesting nesters

You know what I’ve discovered during this moving process? It’s totally not that scary and I’m actually enjoying this. Decluttering, labelling boxes, planning, peeking into other people’s homes, lurking on craigslist and carousell, and putting together a new place in my head. There’s fun to be had here.

My Kirsten is such a nester. She’s got a great instinct for this. She spotted me on Pinterest looking for ideas while putting the kids to bed one night and she was SO EXCITED, like “oh oh this one! No, that’s not going to work, let’s go with this look instead, we can put up some pretty pictures on the wall and get some lights and little poofy round paper balls.

Who needs a decorator when you have a daughter? This is her shortlist for her room and I love it, I couldn’t have picked better ones myself.





On a related note, I’ve also discovered that I’ve given birth to a bunch of rag and bone children. Their hoarding impulses are out of control. These kids are emotionally attached to broken toy parts and crumpled scraps of paper and bits of crayon stumps. Especially Truett, I’m looking at you, my beautiful bizarre offspring. He has treasure boxes stashed in obscure corners of the house, and they’re not really filled with treasure at all. One box contained a missing nail buffer block that I was searching the house for (I gave up and bought a new one) and a half eaten cookie left over from 2012.

So the point of decluttering is to make them throw out all the junk and I notice that they’re giggling and sneaking it into the packed boxes when they think I’m not looking. What will I do with these monkeys?

I think I’ll keep them, is what I’ll do.

They’ve actually been a really great help with the packing – making lists and cutting tape and being generally helpful. Even baby Theo is getting in on the action.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Yesterday afternoon, when I was in full on packing mode, Truett brought Finn into the room and put him to bed for a nap.

Heart eyes.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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