Happy birthday, Finn!!

Birthday season this year has been very good to us indeed and I’m sad to see it go. When you have 5 babies, one birthday means everyone gets to celebrate so it’s been a lot of celebrating the past 2 months. I’m all for it though, because I’ve always been of the opinion that any kind of celebration is better than no celebration at all.

On that note, Finn is 6 years old and as dreamy as ever.

6 years with this kid and he still has my heart skipping a beat. He makes me smile when the days get rough and he makes being his mom such a treat. Finn is like the secret sauce in this family – he’s unassuming and a little quiet but he’s the one that brings everyone together.

This boy is a classic gamer kid. He loves all kinds of games – PS4, Nintendo Switch, card games, board games and he will get us all together for a game of Monopoly Gamer (his favourite version of Monopoly) or Exploding Kittens or Cluedo. When we have a free evening, the big kids will be like “let’s do movie night” but Finn will always choose game night and I think he’s on to something because game night always ends up being one of the best nights.

Finn’s favourite person in the whole world is Truett, no question about it. It’s not even close. I gave birth to this kid and I’m only a distant second. He loves everything his big brother loves (book bugs are the flavour of the month) and makes it his mission to know everything about it. He would spend hours memorising all the special powers of every book bugs guardian and how to counter their attacks and then discuss it with Tru for many more hours.

He watches the clock for the time Tru comes home from school because that’s his favourite time of the day. “KOR KOR, YOU’RE HOME!!” he’ll run for a hug and Tru will pat him on the head affectionately.

And I’m glad they’re so fond of each other. I’ve seen big kids at the playground who get really annoyed by their younger siblings and be all like “Go away you’re so annoying! Stop following me and doing everything I do” and I want to smack them on the head because it’s a privilege to have your younger siblings adore you like this. Every time Finn looks at Truett, the adoration is all over his face, like “this is the coolest human being I’ve ever met and one day when I grow up, I’m going to be just like him.

With the younger kids, Finn takes his big brother duties very seriously. Theo is still struggling with his phonics so Finn reads to him and makes him repeat all the words, it’s the cutest thing ever. “Say ex-ca-va-tor…okay say ce-ment-mix-er…” and Theo follows along.

He’s also the only one whom Hayley refers to as buddy. When she wakes up in the morning and sees Finn, she yells “BUDDY!!!” and runs to hug him and in turn, he baby talks her even though she’s been out of the baby talk phase a whole year ago.

He’ll say “hey baby, want buddy hug hug? Kor kor carry carry ok?” and I’m like “she’s way past the repeating words phase” but she enjoys being babied so that’s their thing.

Few weeks ago, we were riding in a packed elevator and Finn noticed that this toddler was jabbing her finger in the elevator door while her parents weren’t looking. He tried to gently guide her finger away from the door but she kept jabbing it back and finally when the door opened, her finger got pinched by the door a little but it would have been worse if she had jabbed the whole finger in. The little girl started screaming and Finn was like “I tried to help her but she kept putting it back and I didn’t want to grab her hand because I don’t know her” and that’s just so Finn. He’d be the one keeping a lookout for his younger siblings to make sure they’re not in danger of losing any limbs and telling them gently to stop it but he not the sort to be all up in your business if he can help it. I think Theo would have swiped away the finger with a flying tackle and pinned her down to stop her if he saw it.


I can’t imagine a day of not having this kid in my life and I’m so happy that he’s part of this little family.

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  • Reply Fang September 7, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Happy Birthday Finn! This aunty has a soft spot for you!

  • Reply Juila Hart September 21, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    Wow! Finn, you are a big boy now. Your parents must be so proud of you ‘coz you grow up as a responsible, cheerful and adorable boy. Happy Birthday!

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