Almost Christmas

2 more days to Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year and it’s finally here.

Did you notice that everything is better when it’s Christmas. Cookies taste extra delicious, playground time is extra fun and the kids are generally less fighty because they’re too busy being in a constant state of delight. Every day, they’re like, “Is it Christmas yet?? How about now? Or now? I’m so excited it’s going to be Christmas!!

//It’s been over a week since we got back and we’re not done loading up on Hayley time. Urgh, just look at this face it’s so squishy I cannot.

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this baby but all the kids are also still fussing over her, cuddling her and holding her hand and reading her stories and feeding her their share of snacks and chomping on her chubby cheeks all day.

You’d think that she would be tired of all the fuss by now but this baby is thoroughly enjoying it, being all like “Yeah you know what? Just keep it coming, guys!!

It’s so adorable when babies are pleased with the attention because they cannot contain their delight. This is what an overdose of bliss looks like.

Over the years, I’ve learnt that the best way to spend our Decembers is to take a break from the usual routine and fuel up on special family moments. This means less stressing out about proper dinners or school stuff or bedtimes and having a spontaneous popcorn + PJ movie night or an extended edition game night or a can’t-sleep-let’s-go-for-desserts night. And I enjoy making these announcements because the kids are always like “WHAT?? For real??? Thanks mom this is the best day of my life!!” That’s a pretty low bar for #bestdayever if I’m being honest but hey, I’ll take it. :)

This year, I’m grateful for all the people I have in my life because they make it the best life a girl could ask for.

PS. Also, I love these guys more than anything and I can’t believe I get to keep them forever and ever.

PPS. Okay let’s get this party started! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!! 🎄

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