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too awesome for words

too awesome for words

And lo, it was good.

I’ve just been thinking that this is the year I’ve enjoyed motherhood the most. To be fair, I’ve always loved being a mom but there was always a feeling that I’m constantly being overwhelmed, like I’m struggling to keep on top of things and it’s all just one brief moment away from collapsing in on me.

Maybe it’s about learning not to be so hard on myself all the time because motherhood is already pretty hard and I don’t need to make it worse.

Maybe it’s about shaking off the downs before they get me and enjoying the ups because those are the moments that matter.

Maybe it’s about not having to look over my shoulder to see what other moms are doing because I’ll never be them and that’s ok.

Maybe it’s about looking at my kids and knowing that they are the awesome in my life.

Most mother’s days in years past, my wish list is usually about having a break from the monotony of diaper changes and tantrums and the thousand other kid demands that are so exhausting.

But then I realise that I’ve been looking at this all wrong. The best way to spend my mother’s day is to be right in the middle of the action, to be surrounded by these adorable squishy little happy faces and basking in the love from the 3 most amazing kids in the world.


And lo, it was good.

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5 reasons why babies are awesome

Let’s face it, babies are a lot of work. They cry for no reason, make poopie in their pants, require constant attention and wake up multiple times a night demanding milkies. And they make you talk like a two-year-old when in fact, you’re pushing thirty-one.

Frankly, it’s exhausting.

By virtue of those factors alone, babies should be extinct by now but the amazing thing is that they aren’t. And I think this is because they make up for all of it by sheer awesomeness. A redonkulous amount of awesomeness (hat tip to HIMYM’s latest episode), if I might add.

1. Baby skin. Have you felt the powdery soft skin of a baby who just woke up from a nap? That coupled with the intoxicating fragrance of eau de bébé can send your ovaries straight into overdrive. Notice I didn’t say MY ovaries. These ovaries need a break, y’all but yours can carry on.

2. They poop rainbows. No, like literally. Like that one time Finn ate crayons, there was actual traces of color in his poop. It was still really gross but in a colorful sort of way, I guess.

3. Babies don’t judge. They don’t care if I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days or can’t fit into my size 28 super skinnies. They don’t care if my singing sounds like when the neighbor’s cat was attacked by what I imagine was another more angry cat. They don’t make jokes about my cellulite. They look at me at see all the awesome parts that I often don’t even see myself.

4. Baby babble. Watching them try so hard to form words only to have them come out sounding like “bleh eh dehh” is a special level of cute. Every time Finn tries to talk, it’s like he really concentrates before forming sounds and when he actually hears the babbling that’s coming out of his mouth, he stops and looks puzzled like as if that wasn’t meant to happen. And he tries again until he babytalks himself into a frenzy. I half expect him to hulk smash some toys at the end of it.

5. Babies do what you tell them to do. More or less. Unless they don’t want to, then they will scream bloody murder. Okay you know what, scratch this point.

5 (redux). Babies are so stinkin’ cute to look at. Why are their heads so disproportionately big? Why do they look like emoticons? Why don’t they ever have a bad hair day? Why are their thighs so deliciously chubby? And most of all, how can anything have this much cuteness crammed into such a tiny body?


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The Craziest Trip Ever

Being a parent doesn’t allow much room for spontaneity. Especially when you’re a parent of two and 32 weeks pregnant. Everything has to be planned way in advance, then double-checked and re-planned to be sure.

But I’ve always been a big fan of spontaneity – to do something totally insane once in a while. Except that it’s never the right time, you know. There are always a thousand reasons not to be spontaneous.

Sometimes, you just have to make it the right time.

Me: Babe, want to go Melbourne for a short trip?

Husband: Oh sure. When?

Me: We fly tomorrow night.

Husband: WHAT? That’s crazy.

Me: Just think about it. It sounds crazy but not that crazy.

Husband: Yes, it is that crazy.

Me: Well, is it the good kind of crazy or the crazy kind?

Husband: Pretty awesome kind of crazy.

Me: Ok then, let’s do it. What the heck, let’s just leave tonight. And we’re bringing the kids.

That was like 3pm yesterday afternoon, so I got clearance from my gynae, booked all the tickets, packed our bags and got on board a 10pm flight last night.

The kids were all like “NOW?? We’re going now? YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!”

Right now, we’re in Gold Coast and the weather is glorious. We’ll be here for the next couple of days, then heading to visit my sister in Melbourne.

This might just be the craziest thing we’ve done in a long time, or ever.

too awesome for words

Child Label – mind blowingly awesome labels

Exciting news, y’all! I’ve been secretly pregnant and I’m thrilled to introduce our newest baby. Meet Child Label, my first real business baby. It’s where you can get awesome labels for your child. Or yourself.

Starting a business is both scary and exciting. Scary because if it flops, it’s basically an epic disaster and I’ll have to feed my kids plain rice and water for several years. But also exciting at the same time because it’s always been my dream to be the boss of me and have a fancy title like Big Boss.

It’s also a lot like being pregnant. The past couple of months, we’ve been working real hard on this, coming up with the best designs, colors, copy and making sure the quality of the labels are the best we can find. And finally, it’s like we’re giving birth to a super cute, colorful and shiny new baby – which as far as babies go, are the best kind to have.

It all started way back when I wanted to get some customized name labels for Truett. Everything we found were too tacky, boring and of pretty bad quality. I wanted something that was simple, clean, yet gorgeous enough to turn heads. And of course, something that would last so I didn’t have to get all frustrated scraping out sticker remnants after every few washes.

During this hunt, the idea for Child Label was born. Soon after, I found some insanely talented slave bunnies who got sold on the idea and we’ve been hard at work ever since.

We’re starting small – with passionate worker bunnies, a bunch of incredible designs, and a whole lot of ideas to introduce in the months to come.

The journey up to this point has been incredible and we hope you’ll love these labels as much as we do. Seriously, labeling is addictive and extremely contagious. Not to mention, very useful too.

So stop by, shop a little and have fun browsing the designs.

As is customary, there’ll be a giveaway. Come visit us on Facebook to select your favorite designs and leave a comment here on which design and size you would like to get. Contest ends on Sunday 26 June midnight and 3 winners will be selected randomly.

PS. Not necessary for the contest but do like our page on Facebook ok? Invite all your friends too!

Update: We have 3 winners! Congrats to Qiu Xian (#5), Kelly (#18) and Gina (#7). You’ll be receiving an email shortly to confirm the designs and names to be printed. Thanks everyone for joining the contest.

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Motherinc @ the Moleskine Passions exhibition

Awesome news! My collaboration with Moleskine on their latest Passions Baby Journal is out in Harris, Kinokuniya, PageOne and Times bookstores.

There’s something about a Moleskine notebook that makes me want to caress those crisp white pages. Also, it makes my scribbles look so much more artistic. I mean, it’s a Moleskine, y’all!

Pop by to take a look if you happen to pass by any of those bookstores.

too awesome for words


I’m going to stop yelling now. Just that I’m having the sort of Monday one only dreams of having. First off, Tru told me this morning that he wanted to pat his sister to sleep and chased me out of the room. I knew they were never going to fall asleep like that but I spent the next 30 minutes drinking coffee and having a bit of me time while they giggled away playing with bears on my bed.

Then I got a call from Mai, Disney South East Asia’s Director of Media Relations, with epic news. I was halfway feeding the kids and over the lunchtime mayhem, I was able to make out the following words on the phone: Walt Disney, conference, Florida, email details, so I was all “sure, send me the details, we’ll talk after lunch.”

2 minutes later when I saw the email, I started screaming and running around the house yelling DISNEYWORLD!!

Ok, back up a little. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve wanted to go to conferences like BlogHer. To sit in sessions with other moms who are as passionate about blogging. To ogle at the stalwarts of the mom-blogging community and finally meet all the people whose blogs I’ve been reading all this while. But these conference were halfway around the world and I’d have to fly 48 hours both ways just to be there for a couple of days.

Then last year, Walt Disney World launched an annual Disney Media Moms Social Celebration in Walt Disney World. In other words, it’s kind of like BlogHer, except more exclusive and with extra Disney magic. Last year’s panelists included Chris BroganGuy Kawasaki (for real!!) and Maxine Clark (of Build A Bear Workshops) – enough to make me drool.

This year’s conference, which will be from 17-20 Mar, is already sold out but wait for it, they’ve reserved a place for a Singapore rep. I’m still in shock because out of all the awesome mommy blogs we have here, somehow they decided to send me. That means my airfare, accommodation at Disney Resort Hotel, passes to Disney World and meals are fully sponsored by Disney. I didn’t think I could love Disney any more than I already do, but OMG YES I CAN!

Also, I’m a little nervy because now if I make a complete arse of myself stalking Guy Kawasaki in Florida, everyone will know.

Note to self: Must. be. cool.

PS. I’m definitely going to bring along large sunglasses and a scarf as a form of disguise just in case.