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to Truett with love

to Truett with love

Happy 6, Tru!

Dear Truett,


Happy birthday, you’re 6 today! I thought I’d write you a letter before you get too big for letters from your mom. Wait, scratch that, momma’s going to write you letters till you turn 18 25 45… for as long as I can write so I guess you should be prepared for that.

The past 6 years has been quite a ride.

Thanks for being the best first kid a mom could ask for. I was such a rookie when you were born and we’ve had to make most of our parenting mistakes with you. Sorry about that. You were our first experience with an infant, the terrible twos, the rough toddler tantrumy phases, the food battles, the meltdowns, the separation anxiety, the preschool jitters, the stress that a 6-year-old has to go through.

You’ll also very likely be our first kid to become a teenager, fall in love, have your heart broken, grow up, change the world. Along the way, you might start to suspect that mommy doesn’t have the faintest idea how to deal with all of that and you’d probably be right. Although I’ve had to go through some of those things myself and having come out the other side, I’m guessing the best thing I can do for you is be here for you when you need me to be. Which I will always be. Mommy’s always just a hug away.

If I haven’t told you enough, we are really proud of you. Watching you grow up has been such a privilege.

I love how you make being a big brother look so easy. All the times you’ve had to suck it up and give in to your baby sister and brother because they’re little, I know it’s not always fair. The way you rush to their rescue and watch out for them to make sure they’re safe (not attacked by ducks, not left in the elevator, not drowned). The way you pat them on the head and tell them that “kor kor loves you”.

I love how you’ve grown up to be a confident little boy. You used to hide behind benches to avoid interacting with people but these days, you hold your own in a conversation with practically anyone. That’s really cool.

I love how you’re not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve all the time. You give out hugs and kisses and you say “I love you’s” loud and proud even though your friends giggle in the background.

Of all the things I’ve done right in my life, one of the right-est is having you.

Have a wonderful day, my son. Daddy and mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know.

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Five is pretty cool.

truett 5

Truett turns 5 today.

Sometimes, I really miss his babyness and I’ll look back wistfully at all the moments I spent with him as a baby. The husband says my baby brain is out of control but I would think of how I used to cradle him in the nook of my arm or the time he fell asleep on my chest for hours during a thunderstorm or how he would immediately stone out and suck his thumb the moment I touched his cheek with his precious blankie.

He doesn’t do all those things anymore.

These days, he looks like a big boy. He talks like a big boy. He has a mind if his own like a big boy. And he’s running off exploring everything like a big boy.

I just asked him if I could still call him “Tru baby” like I used to and he was all “I’m really not a baby anymore but ok fine, you can call me that until I’m 7. When I’m 7, you can only call me Truett.”

I thought I’d be sad but I look at him all tall and boyish and I think this 5-year-old version of him is pretty awesome. This version that’s sweet and funny and kind and determined and generous and playful and just a little bit shy.

I guess I’m just thankful that I get to be his mom.

to Truett with love

An Angry Birds party

This has been a crazy, crazy week. With the trip coming up, it has been a mad rush to pack and run errands and get some work stuff sorted before we head to Sydney tomorrow. And like all that wasn’t enough, we also decided to put together a small party to celebrate Truett’s 5th birthday in school.

Initially, it was supposed to be a simple, fuss-free affair – I had planned to pick up a small cake from a bakery near my place, pack a few goodie bags for the kids and be done with it. But I should have known that there’s no such thing as a fuss-free kids party.

Truett requested for an Angry Birds cake so I set about looking for a (relatively) cheap option. There were none. The ones that didn’t cost over $150 were really tacky ones where they printed a low-res Angry Birds image and stuck it on top of a standard round cake. Tru was so sweet and he was all like “it’s ok, it’s still quite nice, I will like it, I promise.”

Then I figured, what the heck, I might as well make one myself. It’ll already be nicer if I just buy a cake and pop on a couple of Angry Birds toppers. And then I thought, since my mom makes a really delicious carrot cake, I’d do the whole thing on my own from scratch. So Truett helped my mom to bake the cake and I did the decor by piping some green cream cheese frosting, throwing on 2 Cadbury Marvellous Creations bars as the pigs’ fortress and sticking some figurines on top.

Behold, Truett’s homemade Angry Birds cake.

Angry birds cake

Angry birds birthday cake

For the goodie bags, I found some brown paper bags, filled them with treats, wrote a small note and sealed them with tiny wooden pegs.

angry birds goodie bags

angry birds goodie bags 2

angry birds goodie bags 3

I just need to pick up a couple of Angry Birds mylar balloons and we’re all set for a squawking good time tomorrow. Sorry, bad pun but I’m exhausted and my brain is fried.

Sometimes I wonder why I kill myself doing all this but then I see the look on his face and I’m like, “you know what, so worth it.”

to Truett with love


It was Truett’s birthday on Saturday and like with all of my kids’ birthday, I feel a little sentimental.

4 years ago, he popped out all shiny and suave, with his slicked-back, Armani-styled hair and soulful eyes. Even covered with the layer of gooey tau huay bits, we could tell that this one was a looker. And then he let out the most heart-wrenching yell we’ve ever heard.

We were equal parts terrified and in love.

Since then, I’ve been crazy about this boy. He’s nothing like what I expected but everything we could possible want.

He’s affectionate, not in the overly kissy-huggy manner, but in the depth of his expression. When he hugs me, he looks at me like I mean the entire world to him.

He loves french fries and Transformers and scary roller-coasters.

He’s big-hearted and compassionate, giving in when he doesn’t have to and always trying to rescue his sister when she’s in trouble.

His favorite word is BALU. Don’t ask me what that means because apparently, it can mean a variety of things, ranging from smart to funny to boring. It can be a verb, a noun, an adjective. It’s basically like a wild card for when you need a word to describe something you don’t have a word for.

He hates vegetables. Except potatoes. That are fried crispy and golden brown.

His secret talent is in building airplanes. He can do it with any sort of building blocks and in any size.

He’s unbelievably awesome and he’s all mine.

It still feels like a dream knowing that we’ve been able to love him for 4 years and we intend to love him for a gazillion more.

Happy Birthday, my boy!

Kidspeak, to Truett with love

Big boy talk

I can’t believe Tru will be turning 4 in a few months. 4! That’s like official big boy territory, together with critter fascination, muddy clothes and smelly shoes. Just the other day, he came home and declared “I like lizards.” I wasn’t sure if it was for real but I had to make it clear that he’s never to bring one near me. Ever.

He’s also developed a a quick wit and a quirky sense of humor, which makes for very interesting conversation.

Me: Son, why are you not wearing pants?

Tru: Because I like my backside to be cold.

Me: Unfortunately, we’re not a nudist family so you’ve got to put on some pants even if it makes your backside warm. Besides, if you don’t wear pants, Mickey (the dog) might *accidentally* bite your penis.

Tru: My penis is not food, you know.

Me: Oh, if you keep waving it around like that, it just might be.


Me: Tru, are you a big boy or a small boy?

Tru: I’m a big boy.

Me: Big boys need to sleep in their own rooms, you know? You can’t sleep in mommy’s room anymore.

Tru: Next time when I grow down, then I can sleep in your room?

Me: There’s no such thing as grow down, sweetheart.

Tru: Yes, when I grow down, I will become smaller like a baby.

Me: That’s not going to happen, Tru. You’re not Benjamin Button.

Tru: Sometimes I want to grow up and sometimes I want to grow down.

Me: Actually, you know what? Me too, son.

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Level up: Baking badges acquired

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know that I attempted to bake a batch of 50 cupcakes for the kids’ combined birthday party yesterday. It was a big deal because I’m not the baking sort. In fact, I’ve never baked anything in my life, unless you count baked beans, which I basically pour out from a can and put in the microwave.

My original plan was to buy 50 cupcakes from the store but I got to browsing these really pretty cupcakes online and the kids were all like “I want mommy to make.”

Ok kids, challenge accepted.

I mean, anyone can buy cupcakes from a store right but I’m going to be the mom that makes these babies with my own hands. Also partly because my mom is like a baking guru and she helped out a little (ok she did like 28% of the work). The kids contributed another 7%.

They wore their little aprons and helped to pour stuff into the mixer, all pleased to be making their own birthday cupcakes.

We spent all of Friday afternoon mixing, stirring, scooping and arranging little cups as the aroma of freshly baked cupcakes filled the kitchen. Now I know why people bake – there’s a profound sense of satisfaction to be making something so yummy from scratch. Like it’s just a bunch of flour and eggs on the table and then voila, cupcakes! We even made 2 different flavors, chocolate and carrot cake topped with ganache and cream cheese icing.

But then the proof of the pudding (or in this case, cupcake) is in the eating, so here’s the final product.









Word on the street is that they taste pretty good too. Well, at least, the kids seemed to love it.

I guess this means I’ve earned my baking badges and I can go back to buying cupcakes from the store next year.

PS. The three winners have been announced for the Child Label giveaway. Thanks for your support!

to Truett with love

2 was great but I think 3 will be even better

Truett turns 3 today and I am missing 2 already.

2 was a good age. He learnt to blow raspberries and button his own shirt and poop in the toilet and perform surgeries on my head with a (toy) fruit knife. He made me imaginary presents using only vigorous hand gestures. He even let me kiss him 50 times a day and stopped wriggling when I hugged him several seconds longer than I should have.

In the past year, he’s lost the baby blurness that I was so fond of. Instead, he’s taken to being the grammar police around here and I can’t get away with smoking my way out of explanations. His favorite question these days is “for what?”

Me: Tru, it’s time to bathe.

Tru: Bathe for what?

Me: Bathe so that you’ll be clean.

Tru: Be clean for what?

Me: Be clean so that you’ll smell nice.

Tru: Smell nice for what?

Me: Smell nice so that I won’t pass out while taking care of you.

Tru: Take care of me for what?

Me: Gah! Just step into the shower, young man.

He’s also grown to be quite the charmer. I finally chopped off my hair yesterday and when I got back, he ran to the door and said “wow so pretty!” Or he’ll pat his sister on the head and say “love you, mei mei.” Or give us a giant hug out of the blue just because.

3 years ago, I had no idea what it was like to have a little man in my life. Now I can’t imagine what it would be like without him. This boy makes my world complete.

I asked him what he wanted for a present and he said a robot. So I made him one with special robo blasters and a little robo friend. Meet bobo and bobot.