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precious moments

precious moments

1-2-3, sleep!

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Only one of these two babies is really asleep. No prizes for guessing which one is the sleeping baby impersonator. Really, there are no prizes available here, just the satisfaction of knowing that you got the answer right. This is exactly the reason why we can’t resist shouting out the answer before the contestants do on Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Satisfaction, baby. And also to show off to the husband.


Yeah, if you guessed this baby, ding ding, you get 50 points worth of satisfaction.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I typically don’t let them nap in the same room but Finn wanted to “snuggle with his baby” and he was very convincing about promising not to disturb baby Theo. He did a pretty fine job of pretending to fall asleep too, so I thought I’d join in the nap party. Just as I got myself all comfy next to them, I heard giggling, followed by “Suuuurrrprise! I got you, mommy, hahhahahaha!!!”

So much for my nap.


Our bedtime setup these days is that Truett has to be in bed at 8pm. Kirsten and Finn, who don’t have to up at 6.30 in the morning, get to stay up till about 9-ish.

A few nights ago, he came out of the room sheepishly and whispered into Kirsten’s ear.

“WHAT??” she yelled. “I’m not a baby sitter, you know!!”

“Pretty please…” Truett said.

“Sighhh, ok fine fine fine.”

Kirsten followed her big brother into the room and when I went in to check on them a few minutes later, she was sitting next to him patting his head the way I usually do.

“Kor kor wants me to pat him to sleep,” she whispered, looking thoroughly pleased.

//To be clear, this isn’t good for my ovaries.

precious moments

Talking about true love

True love

true love

We’ll be heading to Orlando and NYC this weekend with the 2 middle kids (rotational traveling!) and this time, the teary farewells have started early. Most kids would be excited out of their pants but Kirsten, while mostly thrilled, is the saddest child I’ve ever seen to be anticipating a trip to Disney World.

She told Truett, “I’m really sad that not going to see you for 21 days…I’m going to miss you so much” and started tearing up involuntarily. She covered her eyes and tried to smile away the tears as Truett tried to cheer her up.

“It’s ok, we can skype everyday,” he said, patting her on the head awkwardly. Almost like he’s the one who’s leaving Kirsten behind. “I will put a note on the fridge to say “skype Kirsten” so when I see it, I will remember.”

These two best buds been snuggling up to sleep and when I went into check on them last night, Tru fell asleep still patting her on the head.

The coin in the shoe

Truett and I were on our way to a friend’s place last week when we saw a foreign construction worker taking a nap on the floor at the void deck. We were in a bit of a hurry and I tried to rush him into the lift but he wanted to stop to talk about it so we did.

And this conversation happened.

Tru: Mom, why is there an uncle sleeping on the floor?

Me: I’m not sure. He’s probably tired so he’s having a nap. We’re running late, how about we talk about this on the way?

Tru: I think it’s because he has no mommy and daddy and no home to sleep in. Maybe we can give him some money.

Me: Okay sure, how much would you like to give him?

Tru: I have $1.20 in my wallet, how about I give him $1? I can sneakily put it in his shoe then when he wakes up, he will have a surprise. If lots of people give him money, he can have a house to sleep.

I often think that I’m the one teaching the kids about how life works but sometimes, it’s the other way around and they’re teaching me about how life is supposed to work.

precious moments

When I grow up…


Kirsten: Mom, is it super painful to give birth?

Me: Pretty much. Yeah, actually it is. But there’s epidural, which helps.

Tru: PHEW! Good thing I don’t ever have to give birth. Kirsten will have to do it next time.

Me: Well, she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. She can decide when she grows up.


Kirsten: When I grow up, I’m going to be a mom. Just like you.

Maybe it’s the postpartum hormones but that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. It made me want to cry. I feel like amidst all the madness, maybe I’m doing something right.

This kid is going to be a great mom.

precious moments

The feel-better-brigade at your service

Me: Baby girl, can mommy hold your hand?

Kirsten: Of course! You can hold my hand anytime you want. 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock…ANY O’CLOCK also can!

Me: That’s like an unlimited holding hand pass, I like.

Kirsten: Um, just not too long ok, later my hands get sweaty and gross.


Truett: Mom, are you feeling better? Does your stomach still hurt?

Me: Yeah it does.

Truett: I think I know what will you need. I will pray for you and then hug you super long and you’ll feel better.

Me: You’re right, that would make me feel better. Also, I think I need about 50 kisses.

Tru & Kirsten: Me, me, me! I’ll kiss you so so so many times. Let’s all kiss momma!


Me: Guys, this is the best party ever.


feel better brigade

Yeah pregnancy can be rough but even the most awful moments aren’t really that bad when I have my very own feel-better-brigade to supply kisses and make it all better.

11 more days and all of this will be over one way or another, and then I’ll get to spend the rest of my life loving on these amazing babies.

precious moments

Dress up 101

Guess who’s been really into dressing up lately? Uh huh, this kid.

Say hi to Finn the Knight, with his trusty unicorn and his pink toothbrush sword. We take oral hygiene very seriously around here and he’s fighting cavities one tooth at a time. It’s all very proper business.

If you must know, he put all of this together himself, lychee basket and all. Kid’s got a future as a stylist. Or Lady Gaga.

finn the knight

This afternoon, I walked into the room to find Truett and Kirsten huddled over their baby brother, working on their latest dress up project. They were so proud of their creation that they paraded him around the house, giggling their heads off.

“Meet the Professor”, they said.

meet the professor

And then I died from cuteness.

precious moments, travel

I got your back

Part of the reason why we love traveling with the kids is that we get to see the very best of their interactions. Instead of the usual bickering at home, they’re often extra sweet to each other when we’re on the road. It’s like they instinctively know that they’re supposed to have each other’s backs and they do it so spontaneously that it makes my heart go all mushy.

So this one night at Maldives, there was a torrential thunderstorm going on and we thought we’d brave the rain to head out for a quick dinner. I didn’t think to pack any jackets for the kids and all I had was a thin cotton cardigan that I draped over Kirsten’s shoulders. While we were waiting for the buggy to arrive, she saw Tru shivering in the cold and she immediately walked over to wrap him up with what was left of her little cardigan.

“Quick, snuggle in here with me, kor kor, I’ll keep you warm,” she told her brother while giving him a great big monster hug.

let me keep you warm


On the seaplane back to Male, they decided they’d rather sit together so they could have each other for company. Apparently it was more fun than being stuck with one parent each. Halfway through the 45-minute ride, Kirsten had a bit of tummy ache and she was starting to feel mildly crabby.

“Ok, you just put your head on my lap and try to sleep, you’ll feel much better,” Truett instructed her. And then he spent the next 20 minutes patting her head until we arrived.

i'm tired

Sometimes, these two make me feel like the most awesome mom in the world. But the truth is it’s all them. I honestly couldn’t ask for sweeter kids.

precious moments

Eenie Meenie Mini Me

mini me

No, seriously, does this kid look like me or what?

I’ve shown the kids my old photo like a thousand times and they know it’s me but every time I show it to them again, they’ll instinctively want to say it’s Kirsten and then their brain memory override kicks in and they’ll pause for a split second before going “no, it’s mommy!”

I’m secretly thrilled because the only thing better than having a daughter is having one that looks exactly like you, amirite?