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Running, running, as fast as we can

Yesterday was exciting. We were all up bright and early at the Padang for the Cold Storage Kids Run, something the kids have been looking forward to.

Typically, I’m not real fond of being out in the blistering heat and jostling with the crowd but looking at how excited the kids were, it was hard not to share their enthusiasm. Like Kirsten jumped out of bed shouting “RACE DAY!!” and then proceeded to sit down and eat all her breakfast so that she would be able to “run super super fast.” It was so cute because she was convinced that eating more food was going to help her win the race.

me & kids

Last year, she was completely pooped after running like all of 5 steps and spent the rest of the race shuffling her way miserably to the finishing line. This year, she was determined to run the entire 800 metres without stopping.

Well, what a difference a year makes. This time around, she blitzed off from the start and ran all the way without any breaks. I could tell that she was a little tired around the 500m mark but she made a determined face and kept going, looking secretly pleased every time she overtook someone. With all her girly tendencies, I was afraid she’d turn out to be the helpless damsel sort but it certainly looks like this girl inherited my competitive streak. Self high-5, heh!


Truett already nailed last year’s run so this was easy peasy for him. He put on his shades and zig zagged his way through the crowd without even breaking a sweat. Metaphorically speaking of course, because it was impossible for anyone not to sweat in that crazy heat.

In short, he came, he ran and got his medal.

tru & daddy

Ok, medal showing off time.

cold storage kids run

tru & kirsten

All in all, a fun, outdoorsy morning. I mean, yes it was hot and crowded and technically, I could replicate the run at my void deck instead of traveling all the way to the Padang but there’s something special about going for a scheduled run with customized t-shirts and race bibs and medals. I’m glad the kids loved it.

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These shoes are made for walking

The kids had their first ever fashion modeling gig for pediped Singapore at Seb’s Bistro this morning. Together with 6 other little friends, they took to the runway to showcase pediped’s latest Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

None of the kids had ever done this before so it was mildly chaotic but in a super cute sort of way as they walked out in pairs all decked in their gorgeous pediped shoes and stylish outfits sponsored by Elly, a homegrown kids apparel store.


group shot

To prepare for this, we gave the kids a pep talk last night and tried to explain the concept of a catwalk.

Kirsten was like “Catwalk? Like this? Meowww…” then proceeded to get down on all fours for an impressive cat-walking demonstration.

“Nice try, but not even close,” I replied, before hastily youtubing some kids fashion show videos for them to watch.

Their reactions couldn’t have been more different. Kirsten loved the idea of dressing up all pretty and being the centre of attention while Truett thought for a moment and said, “Um, I think I’m going to be shy.”

Turned out that they both got really nervous when the show was about to start so Tru gripped his sister’s hand really tight and she got upset at being grabbed so she shrieked and punched him in the arm, which resulted in a bizarre grabbing-yanking-punching exchange the moment they stepped up to the runway. But other than that, everything went really well and it was all peachy in the end. More or less.

Here’s Kirsten in her Flex Maggie White Sandal and Truett rocking the Flex Jett Navy/Red Sneaker.

To celebrate the launch of their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, pediped Singapore will be having a storewide 30% discount off all regular-priced items from now till 3 Dec 2359h. Type in the code FWSEB30 upon checkout to enjoy the discount.

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Hello Halloween

The kids went for their first Halloween party over the weekend – an Angry Birds Halloween party organized by Singapore Cable Car at Sentosa’s Port of Lost Wonder. We’re not really big on Halloween celebrations because some of the costumes can be a little scary for the kids and as Truett puts it, “I don’t like scary things, only cool and fun and happy things.”

I’m with you on that, young man.

But we figured that since it was an Angry Birds kid’s party, it should be pretty tame, right? Wrong.

We didn’t know what to expect so instead of dressing up in a costume, all they went with were their regular clothes, sparkly personalities and a large dose of naiveté.

I’m not sure if they managed to leave with that last part intact because the moment we arrived at POLW, we saw tiny grim reapers, draculas, skeletons and ghouls running around like they were part of a scene from Night of the Living Dead, well, maybe the slightly friendlier and cuter version. There was also a miniature Hulk, several Spidermen and one little guy I assume is Ironman’s slightly squishy distant cousin who did too much trick or treating.

Kirsten wanted to add some fairy dust to the party so we went to the store to pick out a pair of fairy wings for her, which turned out to be a perfect match for her dress. She caught her own reflection in the store window and couldn’t stop smiling.

Truett couldn’t find a costume that wasn’t undead so he was happy to remain in his sort of pirate-themed tee. Besides, he couldn’t get out of the store fast enough because the guy at the cash register was bleeding from his eyes and nose.

I told him it was just make up – the same kind mommy uses (sort of) and he was all “girls use pretty make up and boys use ugly make up?”

“Well, son, some boys use pretty make up too and I’ve seen girls with make up that makes me want to scream and run but the important thing is that it’s not real ok.”

He didn’t seem entirely convinced but we managed to distract him with some balloons and a ride on the cable car with a soft and fluffy angry bird. Apparently, not all the cable cars have the plushie and we happened to get one with this little feathered (furred?) friend. They were hugging it so affectionately and all I could think of was how grubby it looked or how many germs it has. Not too many, I hope.

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Disney•Pixar’s Brave

So last weekend, we were given tickets to attend the Gala Premiere of Disney•Pixar’s latest movie, Brave @ The Cathay.

I was really looking forward to it the whole week because a) I’m a huge Disney•Pixar fan and b) I’ve seen the trailer and I was 98% sure Kirsten was going to LOVE it.

Before I go any further, just two words: nailed it.

Without giving anything away, the movie does feel more Disney-esque as compared to the usual Pixar offerings. There’s Merida, the (admittedly feisty) Princess, the shackles of family obligation, and the quest to break free in order to live your dream. Well, she does turn her mother into a bear with a magic spell in the process but hey, we’ve all been there. Your mom is being unreasonable, no problem – just feed her a cake to turn her into a grizzly so she stops nagging.

I, for one, am going to be very careful about eating stuff my kids feed me when they’re upset.

That aside, the movie is pretty much an epic adventure that’s full of heart, memorable characters (love the triplets) and the signature Pixar humor that appeals to both kids and adults alike. The animation is stellar as usual and the scripting is tight and well-delivered.

With the movie set in the Highlands of Scotland, you can be sure that there’ll be lots of bagpipes, men running around in plaid skirts and that cute Scottish accent. In short, you’ll definitely be in for a blast.

During the premiere event, there was also a Brave Games activity area set up outside The Cathay, complete with redheads and a dude playing a bagpipe.

On the way home, Kirsten turned to me and said, “I want my hair to be red and curly like the princess.”

Um, we’ll just have to see about that.

*The film opens in Singapore theaters on 8 August 2012, and will be presented in Disney Digital 3D™

For more details, you can subscribe to the Youtube channel, follow on Twitter and go like the Facebook page, where you’ll be able to do cool stuff like create your own Brave Family Tree.

And if you haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer, here you go.


Pigeons and Cookies and Trash

Those aren’t really my favorite things but they happen to be the favorite things of Bert, Cookie Monster and Oscar. And I know this because those guys just sang a really cute song about it during the press conference at Universal Studios Singapore yesterday.

Here, I even managed to catch it on video for you guys.

You know what this means right?

Uh huh. Sesame Street has landed in USS.

Starting next Monday, the characters from Sesame Street will be performing live shows like these along the streets of New York in USS. On top of that, there will also be character breakfasts as well as meet and greets so you can get up close with your favorite character.

During the preview breakfast yesterday, we got to meet Oscar, Cookie, Bert and Ernie.

This looks like a picture of calm but it took several tries to get it because the first time we attempted to take a group photo, Kirsten went ballistic when Oscar reached out to hug her. In between shrieks, she was all “I DON’T LIKE THE GREEN ONE, HE’S VERY DIRTY…” And we were like “Um yeah, that’s kind of the appeal. He is living in a trash can, sweetheart.”

On that note, I have to say that the costumes are done really well. I mean, Oscar (who’s my favorite, btw) even has a real trash can attached to his legs so he can park and hide in it whenever he’s tired. That’s just brilliant.

And a couple more shots of the breakfast. Yes, cake does count as breakfast.

In other news, there will also be a Sesame Street ride that will be unveiled towards the end of the year, so stay tuned for that.

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Run, Baby, Run

Brought the kids for their first run yesterday. Wait, they’ve obviously ran before and they do it all the time at home but I’m referring to the kind of run with lots of people and cool T-shirts and a proper number tag and medals and all that.

The husband has done several of these sorts of runs but I’ve never been inclined to join him because I generally start to feel faint after running about a hundred metres.

So when we heard about the Cold Storage Kids Run, I didn’t particularly fancy the idea of running with hundreds of other parents in the sweltering heat but he somehow managed to talk me into joining the parent-child 800m Fun Run. It was “for the kids” apparently.

It was so cute that the kids were really excited, especially Truett, who’s in this competitive phase right now. The moment the race started, he took off and sprinted down the track without even looking back.

Good thing the husband was his tag-team partner because Kirsten and I took our own sweet time and did the leisurely walk that pregnant women and small babies are entitled to. Halfway through the race, baby girl started looking all exhausted and miserable but I was so proud that she powered on and shuffled her way to the finish line.

Here’s my little champ looking mighty pleased with his first medal ever. Never mind that it was only for participation and shaped like a fruit. He loved it so much that he couldn’t stop admiring it for the rest of the day, beaming every time he looked at it and showing it off to everyone who who would listen.

I guess I’m still not a fan of running but looking at how much they enjoyed it, we’ll probably be doing this a lot more. The next round, we might even try swapping run partners.