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awards i forced myself to win

awards i forced myself to win, blogging about blogging

Tanks, everybody, tanks!

Happy weekend, all. Today’s a special Sunday edition because I’ve got some awesome news to update. I don’t really have a smartass way to say this so I’ll get right to it. Yesterday, the results of the Annual Singapore Blog Awards were announced and I came home with the Best Family Blog Award. Yayy!!

It was held at Shanghai Dolly, where everyone was all dressed up and very polished so I tried my best to not look goofy. Obviously not very successful.

Photo courtesy of Andy (

Here’s a quick thank you to all the people who made this possible.

First, the kids, who gamely smiled (sometimes) and posed for every photo shoot. They’re the stars of the blog and without them, I’d still be a minion at a job I wasn’t very good at. Now at least I’m a minion at a job I love very much. They make my world spin and my days complete. Mommy loves you guys.

The husband, who’s my biggest fan and my best friend. These days, our date nights are spent behind our respective laptops with conversations that consist of monosyllabic grunts. I love that we can talk through the night and also sit together without talking through the night.

Every single one of you who drop by the blog and keep coming back. Your comments and support make me want to sit at the laptop at 3am in the morning to finish editing photos and write through every writer’s block.

Not forgetting all the other 9 finalists of the Best Family Blog category. It’s stressful going up against some of the best parenting blogs in the region and I had a great time meeting all the people whose blogs I spend so much time reading.

And finally, to OMY for putting it all together.

awards i forced myself to win, blogging about blogging, i embarrass myself sometimes

I promise to be more *insightful* from now on. Or less. I’m not sure.

Just found out yesterday that I made it into the top 10 finalists for SG Blog Award’s Most Insightful blog category.

Kelvin: Congrats, you made it into the top 10 for Most Insightful.

Me: For real? Most insightful? There’s hardly any insight in the blog. I think at some point they’ll realize they’ve made a terrible mistake.

Kelvin: Don’t feel bad. How *not* to be a parent counts as insight too.

Me: Thanks hon, you always make me feel so much better.

And then it degenerated into banality about how Truett was spitting out his food again, which you probably don’t want to hear about.

In any case, be prepared for some major insight in the next few weeks just so that I don’t get disqualified from the category completely. Because I did my homework and checked out the rest of the blogs there and I realized that they actually do give insight on stuff like dating and health and technology and here I am flooding you with photos of my kids. So I’ll be loading up on some serious insight here from now on.

What the heck, I might as well start now. Did you know that an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain? Because it is. There, you’re welcome.

I’m not very good at this insight stuff, I’m still working on it.

Anyway, in exchange, you’ll have to promise to vote for me. Ok, stop it, I can see your eyes rolling back into your head. I’m not done yet. You’ll have to promise to vote for me everyday. I told the husband to promise and he was all like “WHAT?! it’s so troublesome. I don’t even read your blog everyday.” Which is the point I banned him from surfing his Arsenal blogs until he voted me for. I also hinted at the possibility of some serious boom-chica-wow-wow action but he knows he’ll be getting some regardless. The guy has got some serious moves. Ok, too much information, I’ll stop now.

But seriously, if you like the blog enough, you can head over to OMY to vote and I’ll be eternally grateful. If not, I’ll probably end up as the only blog without any votes, which will be reminiscent of that time in Primary School where I had this sing-off competition with another girl during Music Class and after I was done, nobody voted for me because my friend said it sounded “really awful and she was saving me from further embarrassment“. Worst thing was, I didn’t even want to sing in the first place but after that, I hid in a hole for a few days and I’ve never sung in public again, not even in Karaokes. True story.

Oh, while you’re at the voting, there are some other superb blogs  in some of the other categories which I’m sure you’ll like and you can vote for them too.

1. Best Individual Blog – ED Unloaded

2. Best Lifestyle Blog – Miss Glitzy (my schoolmate!) &  Story of Bing

3, Best Photography Blog – Hendra & Leonny

4. Best Food Blog – Camemberu

awards i forced myself to win

I think congratulations are in order

I’m one of those people who never win anything. Like ever. And it’s not for a lack of trying. I fill up every lucky draw form I can get my hands on and I join all sorts of crazy contests, even if it’s to win a half-eaten box of chocolates because it’s not just the prize, it’s the principle. I mean, what are the odds that I go through my entire life not winning a single prize after entering 385,000 contests right?

Practically zero, but then again, my teacher used to say that my math abilities were also practically zero, so that probably figures.

So I see all these awesome blogs that I spend hours swooning over and they win all these cool awards like “best blog in the history of mankind” and I secretly wish that I could abduct them and keep them in my basement so I could maybe be half as cool just by proximity and then maybe I could win an award for the best “psychopathic basement abductor”. But then I realised that heck, I don’t even have a basement, just a crummy void deck where folks hold funerals from time to time.

That’s just messed up, really.

And I figured, you know what this blog needs? An award. You know, to recognize my literary efforts on this corner of the Internet.

Screw the fact that I’ve probably got all of 3 readers, and that’s only because I read it ALOUD to my kids everyday so that totally counts as 2 readers. Then I make my husband read it every night (even though he’s probably surfing Arsenal blogs instead) and I quiz him on it after, so I know I’ve got at least 3 readers.

Also, probably only half the folks that stumble in here understand what I’m writing, but screw all that.

Because today, my dreams have come true. I’m officially the recipient of this little baby, courtesy of the bloggess.

That it is the deepest badass award I’ve ever received is one thing. But this is a big moment for me, because Jenny the bloggess is right up there in my list of top 10 people I need to meet before I die. Neil Gaiman is one of them and so is Tilda Swinton. I’m still working on the rest because I had to remove David Carradine unless I somehow find a way to connect with the other side.

Thanks Jenny, you just saved this blog from oblivion.

Eternally grateful.