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a spot of singapore

a spot of singapore

Feelin’ a little Festive

So we were at Resorts World’s Festive Hotel for the last 2 days thanks to my mom and my sis who’s back in Singapore for 2 weeks. She wanted to spend some time with the kids and bring them to Universal Studios before she heads back to Melbourne tonight.

While we were driving down to check in on Tuesday, Truett turned to me and said “It’s an AWESOME day today, mommy!”

The boy’s got enthusiasm – I like.

He was right too, because the room was nice and the pool area was even nicer. There was a kid’s play area, a decently-sized pool and a row of gazebos with cushioned sofas for the non-swimming, pregnant people like me to sit and surf the net while the kids went crazy. And for 2 days, their diet consisted of 80% potato chips and 15% sodas and 5% actual food.

We spent the day at Universal Studios yesterday but it was sort of a bummer because it started to pour just as we got to the Shrek World. We took shelter at one of the food places hoping the rain would stop but it didn’t so we did the next best thing and got ponchos.

Here’s one with all the girls suited up. Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous it looks, but we were dry and happy.

Unfortunately, the husband came down with a massive food poisoning and he spent the day curled up and groaning at one of the tables at Jurassic Park while Tru went for the big boy rides with my sister.

Kirsten, who’s too short for anything other than the baby rides, made me go on the carousel 10 times. Which is not an exaggeration because I counted and by the tenth round, I was ready to fall out of my giraffe from boredom. She refused to admit it but I think she was bored too because towards the end, this was how she looked.

We didn’t manage to see any mascots except for this um, I honestly don’t know what to call it. The costume was bizarre but it was at least colorful, I guess, so points for that.

All in all, Tru was right, it was an awesome time.

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Happy as a clam

Welcome to 2012. I hope the new year is treating you well so far and you’ve been enjoying every moment of it.

For us, the holidays are officially over and our merrymaking ways have come to a rather abrupt halt, which explains why I’m nursing a mild case of holiday hangover this morning. But then that’s to be expected on the first day back to work after a long break. It’s a good thing my work allows me to schedule an appointment with my bed at 2 o’clock this afternoon while the kids take their nap.

It’s one of the little perks of working from home, with another being the ability to spend the entire day wearing pyjamas and looking downright disheveled.

Anyway, since it was the last day of holidays yesterday, we told the kids they could pick their favorite activity and we’d bring them anywhere they wanted to go. They deliberated a moment before deciding on Sentosa, so even though we’d just been there 3 days before, it was off to Sentosa again.

They did have several specific requests, which were to ride the cable car, ride an orange (for Tru) and pink (for Kirsten) monorail train, ride the Luge, ride the Skyride and play at the kids area at Palawan Beach.

After each activity, they would ask “After this, where are we going?”

“To take the luge.” “To take the monorail.” “To get ice-cream.” “To the beach…”


One by one, we checked off all the items on their list and watched their smiles get wider and wider as the day wore on.

They had so much fun that when it was time to go, they didn’t protest or negotiate for “5 more minutes” like they usually would. Kirsten put her head on my chest and said, “Ok, I’m very tired, I think I need to go home now.”

a spot of singapore

The morning after

Morning all! Hope you’ve had the Christmas weekend you’ve been dreaming of.

The great thing about Christmas feasting is that there’s usually enough food to last the next week or so. We’re already making plans to have turkey sandwiches, turkey pasta and turkey porridge (for the kids) to finish up all the leftover turkey from our Christmas dinner. And after that, we’ll start working on the leftover ham.

Since it was a holiday yesterday, we made plans to visit the Zoo with a couple of friends but we totally didn’t take into consideration the fact that half the population of Singapore would have the same idea because when we reached at 11, there was a queue snaking all the way to the carpark. I do like my animals but we took a vote and decided against waiting an hour just to get tickets so we turned right back around and went to the Botanic Gardens instead.

The kids roamed the park with their Striders and when they got tired, they just found a nice spot and collapsed to the ground for a break. There were a lot of slopes in the Botanic Gardens and it’s really hard work to push their bikes uphill so this happened a lot.

We felt really bad for having to cancel our zoo plans but these kids have a way of making everything seem better. Truett was all “It’s ok, never mind, we can go to the zoo another time.” I can’t believe I have a kid who helps me feel better when his trip to the zoo got canned.


On a side note, the kids’ gorgeous shoes were sponsored by Pediped – the next best thing to bare feet, only much prettier. These shoes are so soft and comfy that they didn’t mind wearing them around the park all morning. As our Christmas giveaway finale, we’re giving away one pair of Pedipeds on the Mother, Inc facebook page. Remember to join, your kid will love them!

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There’s no Friday like Special Friday

Last Friday was supposed to be like any other Friday. The kids had school. I had work to finish, errands to run and chores to clear but I didn’t feel like doing any of that. So I woke up and decided to declare it Special Friday.

Because I can.

On Special Friday, the kids get to skip school, I get to skip everything else and we all get to go out for a day of fun. It just so happened that a good friend was having Special Friday too so we packed the kids and spent the day at Jurong Bird Park together.

The kids were thrilled out of their minds when I told them. “NO SCHOOL TODAY? AND WE’RE GOING TO THE BIRD PARK?? WITH OUR BEST FRIENDS??? YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!”

Kirsten has a thing for cows so when she saw these cows at the entrance, my little Kao ran up to them to smother them with hugs and kisses.

According to the brochure, the bird park is home to some 5,000 birds and 380 species but the whole time we were there, we saw a grand total of like 4 species. Which were these macaws.

A bunch of penguins.

Some flamingos.

And this statue bird that I was convinced was a statue but turned out to be a live bird. It just stood (sat?) there and glared at us with its little beady statue eyes and only when we moved away, it turned its head and eyeballed us until we were out of sight.

If I ever need a scary statue, I’d skip the gargoyle and go with this scary bird instead. Folks are going to walk past and go “cheh, just another scary-looking statue” and as they walk away, the bird will slowly turn its head to look at them and then BAM, they will freak the hell out. Mission accomplished.

So anyway, after seeing a handful of birds, we got to the new water play area called Birds of Play and that was the end of our birdwatching plans.

We asked the kids the obligatory question “Would you like to see more birds or stop and play?” and they were all “Are you kidding? Do you not see this magnificent structure? GIMME WATERRRRR!!!”

And that’s how we spent the rest of the day. Or rather, that’s how the kids spent the rest of the day while we stood around trying not to get wet. It was totally more fun that it sounds.

Like all outings, it was exhausting but I’m really starting to like Special Friday. We’ll have to do this again sometime.

PS. I’m having a Hot Wheels Wall Tracks giveaway on the Mother, Inc Facebook page. Contest closes tomorrow!

a spot of singapore

Kampung Kids

Ever since our trip to Melbourne, the kids have been wanting to visit farms to hang out with animals. So we searched the Internet and we found a place called Kid’s Kampong, which is Malay for “native village”. Which basically means a place with lots of old stuff and animals.

The entrance fee was $1 each, and it includes a bowl of animal feed, like fish pellets, rabbit hay and carrots.

When we walked in, there was a huge pond with lots of flappy fish. These fish seemed to be really hungry and they swam right up to the kids waiting for food. Some of them were practically on dry land, flapping around for a pellet. Fish are so not my thing, unless they’re crispy and golden brown with a side of fries.

Tru knew this handful of food had magical fish-drawing powers and he held it carefully, rationing it out one at a time instead of flinging the whole thing into the pond. Some of the fish would eat right of his hand and Kirsten would be all “ewww I don’t like the fish to touch me.”

The ducks were kind of cute, with their yellow bills and orange feet. And they have kind eyes, unlike chickens who have crazy eyes.

If a duck could talk, it’d be all friendly-like, with a “Hey, how’s it goin’? I’ll be over here chilling out having a swim and a sandwich.”

If a chicken could talk, it’d say “I’mma bite your ass. Because I’m crazy.”

There were also bunnies, which were surprisingly clean. Like this little guy that I almost wanted to bring home.

A morning of fun for 4 dollars? Totally worth it.

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Jockeys and ballerinas

I remember my first ever pony ride. I was 16 and we were in Perth for a family holiday. Despite never riding a horse before, we were given the reins and told to follow the guy in front around a trail.

I got a horse that did not give a rat’s ass about my orders or the fact that I was holding the reins. She must have sensed that I was a newbie because she would randomly stop to chew on leaves and when I told her to stop eating and move along, she would look at me from the corner of her eye and go “pffffff…”

I did still enjoy every moment of it because there’s something about riding a horse all on your own that makes you feel so badass.

So yesterday, we brought the kids for their first pony ride at the Pasir Ris horse stables.

At $10 for a 3-minute walk around the stable, it’s a little pricey but this being the first time and all, it seemed like a small price to pay for the experience.

Besides, there’s always the chance that one of them might turn out to be a champion jockey (my money’s on Truett, he’s already looking the part). Then we’ll look back at this $10 and consider it well-spent.

Kirsten was a little reluctant to go on at first but when she saw her brother have so much fun, she steeled herself and did it. She’s in an “anything kor kor can do, I can do too” phase.

The whole time, she sat like a statue and gripped the saddle till her fingers turned white. But she did it and when she got down, she beamed and said “I ride the horse very well.”

This has nothing to do with horses but I saw her adjusting her shoe after the ride and I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to send her for ballet classes. I was never the ballet sort when I was younger but there’s something about having a little girl that makes you want to put her in a tutu, sweep up her hair in a ponytail and watch her do a pirouette.

Anyone knows of a good ballet school?

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Life’s a beach

There are few things in life that are more therapeutic than to feel the soft sand between your toes as the gentle waves sweep across your ankles.

Maybe except watching your kids do it and seeing that hesitant smile turn into a grin of delight.

Or maybe perching them on a tree on a lazy afternoon and resist the urge to sing “Truett and Kirsten sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N…” because it’s wrong on so many levels. Ok, I won’t even go there.

Or maybe building a sand dune together because it doesn’t feel as upsetting when they stomp on it for the 27th time in one afternoon. Stomp away, kids, I did not spend 30 minutes attempting to make a castle with my bare hands.

Or maybe watching my girl spontaneously break into an interpretive dance when a group of boys behind started playing Gym Class Heroes’ Stereo Hearts.

Or just sitting back with the husband, thinking that it really doesn’t have to take a lot for life to be pretty darn awesome.