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So here’s a fun fact: my kids love milk. They usually have it for breakfast, before bed, and sometimes as a snack in the middle of the day. I’m like constantly restocking on milk and every time I have to do a grocery run, I feel ridiculous buying this much milk but this is what comes of having 5 kids.

Although I don’t mind because when they’re in the mood for a delicious beverage, milk is a great option. Why? There’s calcium for healthy bones and teeth, vitamin D for more bone health, protein for strong muscles, and vitamins A & B for healthy eyes. And did I mention delicious? I get why the kids absolutely need to drink their milk every night – a glass of milk before bed is one of the underrated joys of life; it makes my tummy very happy when I go to bed.

We don’t do carbonated soft drinks, or cordials or even sweet juices around here so besides water, the only other thing they drink regularly is milk.


In addition to fresh milk, the big kids have started drinking Dutch Lady Milky Milk. Every morning, they grab one pack to bring along to school for snack time, and these 125ml packs are the perfect size for a mid-morning pre-lunch snack. What’s even better is knowing that Dutch Lady Choc and Strawberry carry the Healthier Choice Logo awarded by the Health Promotion Board.

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Also, how cute are these Disney Frozen designs? Of all the three flavours, chocolate is usually the first to get snapped up.

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There’s also a Marvel superhero version that’s pretty rad.

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Some days, they ask for a snack and a pack of milk so that they can have a mini picnic outdoors while they read their Calvin and Hobbes.

Look at these guys. As Truett would say, “ahhh, this is the life.

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//Dutch Lady is the Official Sponsor for The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice and they’re here to bring you some super fun surprises. Just purchase 2 blisters of Dutch Lady Milky Marvel or Frozen 125ml x 4s and stand a chance to win tickets and skating passes for an exclusive meet and greet! :) Check out the Dutch Lady website for more information!

If you haven’t been to Disney on Ice, it’s a real treat for the whole family. It’s DISNEY. ON ICE. Sometimes when you take two awesome things and smoosh them together, you get something extra special, which is exactly what you get here.


Head over to Dutch Lady for more information.

*It’s $2.50 for each blister of 125ml x 4s and you can get them from all major supermarket and hypermarket chains. 

**Dutch Lady has something really cool for all Motherinc readers! On top of their instore lucky draw contest, they are giving you guys an additional chance to win 4 x Cat 1 Disney On Ice tickets. Just send a photo of your valid receipt to with your address, name and contact number and quote ‘motherinc’ for a chance to win 4 x Cat 1 Disney On Ice tickets. 

You are still eligible for the instore lucky draw contest as long as you send in the completed entry form with the original valid receipt.



Congrats to Dawn Pang for winning the Disney on Ice Tickets (x4). The tickets will be mailed out to you this week. Hope you enjoy the show!

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