Getting Daft Punk’d

Tru: Mom, what’s the meaning of get lucky?

Kirsten: I know! Lucky means that means good things happen to you, right? But it’s not really luck, it’s because God makes good things happen to us.

Me: That is a killer answer, how do you even…ok consider me impressed.

Kirsten: You told me before what. Also, I have brains in my head.

Me: Well done, those are some superior brains.

Tru: Then what is “I’m up all night to the sun, I’m up all night to get some, I’m up all night for good fun…?” Get some what?

Me: Uhm, uhm, uhm, well, clearly this person doesn’t want to sleep and he’s having a special uhm…party all night long. Maybe he needs to get some food and party supplies?

Kirsten: JUST LIKE ME! Sleeping is for babies, I wish I can party all night.

Tru: YEAAHHH THIS SONG IS AWESOME, I LOVE PARTIES TOO AND I LOVE THIS SONG!! <Bursts into song> Like the legend of the phoenix…

I don’t know if I just dodged a bullet there or made it worse. Now they’re going to listen to it on repeat all day.

Me: Guys, guys, let’s listen to Let It Go for the 200 millionth time instead! Let it go, let it gooooooo…

Of April showers and other blustery things

It’s been raining a little more than usual lately and I love rain. Specifically, I love to be snuggled up nice and cosy in my blankie whenever it rains because the only way to enjoy rain is not be caught in it.

My kids love rain too, except they have very different ideas about what to do about it. Every time it rains, they come running to me all dressed up in their rain gear, holding their tiny brollies (which by the way, is so irresistibly cute) and they flash their puppy dog eyes asking if they can go play in the rain. I suppose if I had rain gear as cute as theirs, I’d want to be out in the rain all the time too…hang on, no wait, I think I still prefer the snuggly in bed part.

Sometimes, I can resist one pair of baby puppy dog eyes. On a good day, I can even resist two. But three pairs?!! These guys are killing my uterus.

So we put on our goofy rain faces and went out for some puddle stomping.

goofy rain face 1024x1024 Of April showers and other blustery things

Finn hasn’t got his own rain gear yet so Kirsten was all “it’s ok, Finn Finn can have my raincoat, I’ve got my pretty pink brolly.” This girl is born to be a big sister.

i love rain 1024x1024 Of April showers and other blustery things

whats happening 1024x1024 Of April showers and other blustery things

hold my hand 1024x1024 Of April showers and other blustery things

We walked and walked till the rain stopped and you’d think that it would have been as clear a sign as any that it was time to go home but these kids can continue a rain party without any more rain.

No more water falling from the sky? Look, there’s water on the floor, let’s poke at it with our fingers. Borderline gross but fine, poke away, knock yourselves out. And then baby Finn decided maybe he could attempt to swim in a particularly large puddle.

There’s a line of grossness that one doesn’t cross and that’s mine. This baby is going to need a hazmat suit the next time we go puddle stomping.

boys in the rain Of April showers and other blustery things

Oh hello terrible twos, didn’t think I’d see you again so soon

It’s been years since I last encountered the nightmare known to moms as the terrible twos. In fact, it’s been so long that I almost forgot what that’s like. Hahahaha, who am I kidding? I remember EXACTLY what’s that like and it’s not a whole bag of fun.

angsty baby Oh hello terrible twos, didnt think Id see you again so soon

Finn’s been having himself a feeling explosion in the last few weeks. Like there are so much of these complicated toddler feelings bubbling inside that his little chubby body is not able to contain all of it. And then *BOOM*, his feelings are suddenly all over my living room. I mean, I adore his super cute 19-month-old feelings and I’d very much like to get to know them better over a skinny latte but right now, they’re everywhere and also, they look a little scary.

We were having some mommy-Finn time working on puzzles and there’s this one train puzzle that he loves to do over and over again. After 8 rounds, I was like “hey, how about let’s try the plane one instead!” so I swapped out the puzzles, not realising that I had just pressed the giant red self-destruct button.

Little man was M-A-D. Like MAD mad. Like full on hissy fit kind of mad.

He stood up, flung the plane puzzle with gusto and yelled NO!!!! And then he decided to protest some more but he wasn’t sure how so he stood there for a moment before deciding to…well, sit himself on the floor in a follow-up silent protest. I’ve seen some pretty epic meltdowns and in comparison, that’s kind of a cute way to protest so I was all “ok baby, protest registered, can mommy give you a hug so you feel better?” but he swatted my hand away so I just sat beside him to give him some space but then he got mad and he lost it a little bit more until finally he inched himself closer and closer to me and flopped his head face-down onto my lap in exhaustion. I mean, I was exhausted just watching him.

This ain’t typical Finn behaviour because he’s normally such a sweet, gentle soul. I was sitting there watching this feeling explosion unfolding right in front of me and I felt so bad for my angsty baby.

baby finn Oh hello terrible twos, didnt think Id see you again so soon

He’s trying to express himself and he doesn’t know how and all this frustration is stressing his little baby brain out. Like he wants me to be there to baby him but he also desperately wants to stop being a baby and it’s all so confusing for him.

I think we could all do with some happy juju and extra hugs around here.

in happier times Oh hello terrible twos, didnt think Id see you again so soon

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