Is it still christmas out?

Decembers are the best because it’s like one long extended christmas party. Everything is so nice and christmassy for an entire month!!?? We’ve got pretty lights in the house every night, and hey, I have to make the most of the one month in the year where it’s appropriate to play 15 different versions of Winter Wonderland in one night.

Speaking of, the kids have this dancing santa that sings an annoyingly cheery Jingle Bells in a deep man’s voice that just goes on and on throughout the entire year. I try to hide it somewhere dark and quiet but it always pops right back out. Sometime around May, santa starts to drive me completely nuts. There’s only so many times one person can listen to Jingle Bells in a year. But in December, party on, happy dancing santa!!

christmas1 1024x767 Is it still christmas out?

We had our christmas candlelight service in church last week, which among all my favourite christmas moments is my single most favouritest one. Us, with our four babies celebrating the reason for christmas together.

There was this one moment where Truett almost set baby Theo’s face on fire but phew, crisis averted!

We’re just one week away – have a beautiful christmas, you guys!

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Tuesdays are good for thinking

On some Tuesdays, I think a lot of thoughts. This is one of those Tuesdays.

On balancing it all.

I remember doing an essay in school once about my strengths and flaws. My younger, more pretentious self wrote something like “I’m very driven, which is both my greatest strength and weakness.” So obnoxious.

Over the years, life has taught me to dial back on the obnoxiousness but I realise that I still like to push myself just to see how much I can manage, like it’s some imaginary contest where nobody wins. Except me. I feel like I’m winning when I can do a lot. So I keep adding things to my plate. Squeeze a bit here, pack things in nice and tight to make more space, and over in that corner, I see a tiny spot to add in something new. One kid not enough, must have four. A few jobs, new projects, more, more things to my plate!!

Until things start falling apart and I start to accept that by overextending myself so much, the things that really matter get pushed back and neglected. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy not doing a lot, so I guess the solution is to pick the things on my plate a little better, and to know when to let things fall.

Dr Seuss puts it most succinctly,

So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act.

Breastfeeding is kind of awesome.

I could be politically correct about the wonders of breastfeeding for my baby or I could just come out and say it – one of the benefits of breastfeeding is that I drop weight faster than any diet/exercise regime can offer. One of the non-benefits is that with this in mind, I throw in a couple of extra cookies into my non-diet because “I need the extra calories to make all this milk”. Every night, while I enjoy my chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk, I ponder the awesomeness of being able to magically transfer my fats to my baby and it makes me smile. I’ve now grown rather fond of having cookies as a late night snack and I’m not looking forward to the day I have to stop breastfeeding/having cookies.

Small monkeys grow up to be big monkeys

Finn: Mommy!

Me: Yes, baby?

Finn: Nothing!! Hahahahahahahhahahhaahaha.

Me: Eh, monkey!! Aren’t you a bit young to be up to this monkey business? Is Finn Finn a good boy or a monkey?

Finn: A good…monkey.

Also, this is Finn learning how to wink at the ladies. This one will grow up to be a handful.

finn Tuesdays are good for thinking

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Chompasaurus chomp chomp

theo tummy time Chompasaurus chomp chomp

Look who’s getting good at tummy time!! Can I just say that those cheeks are really killing me. This speaks of my lack of impulse control or whatever but I need to eat. this. face. every time I see it, which is basically all day. It could also be due to the fact that he puts up the least protest. He’s not a big fan of all this chomping but he’s all like “this is my life and I’m learning to deal with it.”

It’s a tough call but it is with great pleasure that I present this baby with the chompiest cheeks award.

The weather has been really nice for walks lately. It’s the only time of the year where it’s possible to take walks around the neighbourhood without feeling like it’s an insufferable endeavour. I’ve been bringing the baby out with me on foot for short grocery runs, midday takeout lunches, a double chocolate chip cookie hunt to the subway outlet 15 minutes away (which took more like 35 minutes each way), and late afternoon walks to the playground. Some days when I’m feeling adventurous, I bring along more than one kid (so brave!!). One time, I had all 4 kids with me downstairs and it was a total disaster. Having to hustle after a toddler and two big kids while carrying a fat baby is an experience I recommend to no one. It was also kind of perfect watching them. :)

no this way Chompasaurus chomp chomp

Go this way.

go this way Chompasaurus chomp chomp

No, go this way.

okok this way Chompasaurus chomp chomp

Alright, this way.


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12 days of christmas copy.001 Chompasaurus chomp chomp

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