Finn turns four!!

Look who’s turning 4 in two days! Uh huh, this guy.

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There was a time when he was all goofy and gummy like this.


And the hair!! Remember the hair? This baby had the most gorgeous windswept hair. Maybe one of these days the hair will make a comeback.

Be still, my heart.

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I was showing Finn his baby pictures with the long hair and he was horrified that I made him have long hair as a baby.

That’s not me because it’s a girl,” he insisted.

I really miss Finn as a baby but I gotta say, Finn as a little big boy is another level kind of dreamy.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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4-year-old Finn is like golden light sunshine and rainbows sprinkles and fluffy cotton candy. He is all sweet and warm and gentle and so full of happy it’s almost ridiculous. It doesn’t take much to make him smile and this is the one kid who will laugh at all my jokes, even the lame ones.

He’s not the flashy sort that needs to be front and centre in a crowd because he’s mostly content to just hang out in the background while someone else takes the spotlight. But there’s something about him that makes you want to be around him.

It’s probably that disarming smile (that aunties find irresistible!), and that soft-spoken manner, and the way his eyes sparkle when he’s happy, which is often.

It sounds unreal but this boy doesn’t have meltdowns or tantrums and he rarely insists on getting his way. He’s just an easy, obliging kid who’s as low maintenance as they come. He did punch me in the eye that one time but it was mostly out of love, like a love punch. Usually if he wants something, he’ll ask for it politely and if we say no, he’ll try his best to be ok with it and be like “how about next time, mom?” Which is genius because it immediately makes me go like, “you know what, you can have it now. Mommy will give you anything you want.

With so many kids around, I’ll occasionally have all 4 big kids talking at me all at once. Baby Theo is the loudest and he usually gets heard first due to the sheer force of his personality. Then Truett and Kirsten will take turns getting a word in while Finn waits patiently for his turn to speak.

Mom I want to tell you…” he gets cut off by one of his siblings.

Mom, do you know…” he starts to speak but gets drowned out again.

10 minutes in, my subconscious brain realises that everyone has had a chance talking except Finn, who is still getting his sentences hijacked by his siblings.

Did you want to tell mommy something, Finn?” I ask.

Is it my turn to talk now, mom?

Yes! Sorry baby. Ok everybody stop talking and listen to Finn.

Then he’ll smile, pleased that it’s finally his turn.

Maybe it’s a middle child syndrome but I feel like Finn is the one I have to keep an eye out for to make sure he doesn’t feel neglected. He gets ordered around by his two older siblings and even gets bulldozed by baby Theo, who’s like a hurricane next to him. I was watching them play during nap time a few days ago and Theo was yelling instructions at him like “TICKLE MY TUMMY, KOR KOR FINN!! TICKLE MY EARS! NO, THIS SIDE!!! AND THIS EAR! AND MY EYEBROWS!” And Finn was just his usual obliging self, offering tickling services like he was told.

Between you and me, this kid is a keeper. I don’t know how I landed this gig of being his mom but I know I lucked out big here, no question about it.

Happy birthday, Finn! It’s been a dream being your mom and I’ll try my best to do a good job. :)


Please, can I have some more?

Remember when Theo was born, I really wanted me a fat baby who would enjoy eating everything I prepared for him? So that happened and it was awesome.

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Right up to that point, all my other kids had been moderately picky eaters who were all like “I don’t like this food it’s so gross” or “I’m really full, my stomach hurts when I look at broccoli.” It was nice to have a baby who ate everything from rolled oats to raw carrots. Raw carrots. That’s just hardcore.

Almost all of baby Theo’s happy thoughts are about food and our conversations all day are variations of this:

Theo: Mommy can I have bread? Big big bread.

Me: You just ate an entire sandwich, 5 strawberries, some yoghurt and a glass of milo. We need to take a break.

Theo: How about small small bread?

Me: We can’t have small small bread either. No bread.

Theo: How about cereal? With fresh milk?

Me: Not right now. We can have cereal with milk as a snack later ok?

Theo: Um, 3 grapes? Can I have 3 grapes please?

It’s so hard to refuse a polite baby asking for 3 grapes so I cave. After he’s done, which is like 3 seconds later…

Theo: Can I have 3 more grapes please?

Me: I’m sorry baby, we’re done eating for now. There will be more food later.

Tears start to well up in his eyes and his voice quavers.

Theo: How about pancakes? Can you make pancakes for him??

Me: For me, not for him.  Nobody else wants pancakes. And no, we can’t have pancakes.

Theo: Marshmallows? Only 1 blue marshmallow. Just one and all done.

Me: Hey! How about let’s fix a puzzle. Look, it’s a farm puzzle!!

Theo: *starts to wail like he hasn’t eaten for a week* NO, STOP STOP STOP!! HE DON’T WANT PUZZLES HE JUST WANT TO EAT FOOD!!!

At first, I thought maybe he’s just hungry and I should give him more food until he’s full but he didn’t seem to ever have enough. He could eat more food than Truett, Kirsten and Finn combined for breakfast and still ask for more, which is insane.

And have you ever done the food test? I do this with all my kids. I’ll ask them to share the last piece of cookie/goldfish cracker/gummy that they’re clutching in their tiny fists, not because I actually want to eat it (it’s usually sweaty and soggy and germy by the time it reaches my mouth) but because it is proof of their undying love for me.

Most of the time, they’ll shove it quickly into their mouths to destroy all evidence of ever possessing such deliciousness but on several occasions, I’ve had all 3 of the big kids offer me their last morsels of snacks. True love, am I right?

But not baby Theo. One time, when I asked Theo for the last bite of his double chocolate chip cookie, he looked at me with such indignation it was like I had just asked him for a kidney. Then he promptly shook his head, making it clear that such a request was not to be entertained.

Please…pretty please? Can mommy have it?

NO. CANNOT. Baby Theo eat.

So I did what any self-respecting mom would do, I pretended to try to eat it from his hand as he was clutching it. I didn’t succeed because of his lightning fast reflexes but he immediately acted like I had taken away both his kidneys and his firstborn child. There much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

He only finally stopped after I double pinky promised that I wouldn’t take away his food and offered another whole cookie as restitution.

Nobody comes between this baby and his food, is what I’m saying.

I love that this boy loves food and he’s such a joy to feed (I’ve never had a baby clap in glee when I made a grilled cheese sandwich) but I think maybe it’s time to introduce a diet program. This will not be fun. :(


2 months

Two months! It’s been two months of waking up to this squishy little face every morning. :)

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Two months is nice, it’s definitely a step up from the I-don’t-know-why-you’re-making-that-crying-sound newborn phase.

There are so many great things about getting to two months.

What are they? I’ll tell you.

First of all, munchies. The smell of a newborn is perfection but it takes a while before they’re good for munching on. The best age to start munching on a baby is right around two months, when they fill out nicely with juicy baby fats (which btw, I get to pass on to them via this magnificent process called breastfeeding and yes, I’ll have another slice of that cake please). I’ve been doing the chubby cheek test on baby Hayley every day since she was born and I can confirm that she’s starting to get to that delicious om nom nom level.

Which turns out to be excellent timing because these days when I munch on Theo’s cheeks, he puts his tubby little hand right in my face like “STOP! STOP!! DON’T BITE HIM!!” I’ll have you know that when Theo starts to refer to himself in the third person, it’s time to take him seriously.

It’s a good thing I have a new baby to take over the munch-ee duties. Babies get loved on a lot around here but they get munched on too, that’s how it is.

There’s also the smiling. We’ve discovered that two-month-old baby Hayley is a smiley one. This girl’s got a smile that lights up my entire world, the kind that’s so wide it pushes her eyes shut just so her little face can contain all that joy. And she’s generous with them too, always smiling back at everyone who stops to talk to her. You get a smile, you get a smile, you get a smile…everybody gets a smile!

The only thing two months isn’t great for is sleeping. I’m certain two months is way to young to develop FOMO, but yet here we are – me and my little sleep-fighting baby with FOMO issues. Everyday during nap time, I can tell that she’s tired because I’m watching her eyeballs roll back into her head as I hold her, and yet she will force herself to unroll them right back once she catches sound of her siblings playing in the next room.

She opens one eye at me. “Is that playing I hear?? Is everybody having a good time without me???

Shhh, go to sleep, sweetie,” I whisper.

She struggles to open the other eye, but fails. She tries again, her one eyeball rolling around, unable to focus. She’s resilient though. Soon, she has two half opened eyes with more whites than pupils looking up at me.

Everyone should have the chance to watch a baby struggle to gain control of her eyeballs, it’s a most delightful sight. But it also usually leads to a very grumpy baby so I’m not entirely sure about my feelings towards this at the moment.

Maybe next month she’ll figure out that sleep is good and we’ll both get more of it. Or not. But that’s ok, we’ll get there eventually.

Two months = this face = love

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