Everything’s sweeter with a little dance

tru kirsten 1024x1024 Everythings sweeter with a little dance

Truett and Kirsten have been practising really hard for this huge dance recital that’s happening on Friday. Too excited. It’s a parent’s prerogative to brag about their kids’ littlest achievements (guilty as charged!) but this is not one of those times, this is one of the big ones. I feel like such a proud momma watching them drop the beat to American Authors. How did these kids get to be so effortlessly cool? They certainly didn’t get it from me. Or the husband. We’re like two of the dorkiest people when it comes to dancing. Back when we were dating (and it was still cool to be seen looking all nonchalant at clubs), we tried it once, you know, hanging out late at a club pretending like we know what we’re doing on the dance floor. It wasn’t pretty, I’ll tell you that much.

Dance has been so good for them, though – they’re making friends, building confidence, learning to express themselves. And they’ve been working so hard too. Extra practice sessions in class the past couple of weeks, and then going through the routines at home in front of the tv. Sometimes, I see them subconsciously rehearsing the steps while walking around the house in the afternoon and it just makes me smile.

I have every intention to be that embarrassing groupie mom in the fourth row on Friday, I’m getting my cheer on and everything. ;)

As a by product, I’ve been spending some alone time with Finn, which is a proper treat all on its own. Last week, he gallantly offered to hang out with me in town while Tru and Kirsten were at dance class. Such a gentleman, this boy.

We held hands and walked down Orchard Road looking at the malls all suited up for christmas. It’s so much more fun soaking up the christmas cheer with an enthusiastic 2-year-old. “WHAT’S THIS???” he asked, pointing at everything. “That’s a nutcracker, that’s a gingerbread house, that’s a christmas tree, that’s um, a pebble…”


We shared a bubble tea and he steered me in the direction of a playground – a fair compromise if there ever was one.

playground 1024x1024 Everythings sweeter with a little dance

As an extra special treat, we spent a little time queueing up for soft serve at Honey Creme. We were walking past the store and he just stopped and stared at the picture of ice-cream like it was the most delicious thing in the world. “Ice cream, momma?” he asked.

Sigh, he sure knows how to make it hard for a girl to say no.

finn1 Everythings sweeter with a little dance

Look at that face! He was thrilled to his toes, holding his precious cup of ice cream with both hands. The soft serve was ok, not particularly queue-worthy but Finn loved it so I don’t know, we might just be back for more.

A Thank You Sale from Child Label

You guys! We’re a few days away from Thanksgiving and as a THANK YOU for your incredible support of my other baby, Child Label, we’re having a special Black Happy Friday sale in this Friday.

black friday 1024x858 A Thank You Sale from Child Label

For 24 hours starting on 28 November midnight, there will be a 40% discount off all products. No promo code necessary as prices will be marked down on the site so just click and checkout, aight?

We’re also super excited to unveil some fab new designs. Kirsten saw them and said “these are so cute I’m going to scream”. And she did.



AYE AYE CAPN 1024x858 A Thank You Sale from Child Label


BIRDS AND BUNNIES 1024x858 A Thank You Sale from Child Label


arigato mr roboot 1024x858 A Thank You Sale from Child Label

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re not quite sure if you need labels. We’re here to help answer that question – Yes, you do.

For all these reasons and more:

1. Christmas presents. Kids will love them and parents will thank you for them.

2. If your child is starting preschool or primary school or any kind of school next year, you need labels.

3. If you’re planning a party, you need labels.

4. If your child is always losing stuff, you need labels.

5. If your child has ever come home in a uniform that does not belong to him, you definitely need labels.

6. If you have a daughter like mine who loves pretty things with her name on it, you need lots and lots of labels.

7. If you’re wondering if you really need labels, you probably do.


So mark your calendars, y’all, sale’s starting in 4 days time. It’s our way of saying thanks. :)

4 months: Mr Personality

theo2 4 months: Mr Personality

This little charmer is turning four months! I feel like it’s taken us forever to get here and I’m starting to enjoy the process as we inch our way to that place where everything stops being so incredibly hard. I’d never describe having a baby as easy but from experience, after several months with a newborn, you’ll wake up one day and discover that you’re finally there.

In a sort of baby utopia.

You’re able to go back to functioning (and looking) like a normal human person. Whether it’s conditioning or you end up getting real pockets of sleep, you stop feeling exhausted to the bone every moment of every day. You slowly develop an understanding with the baby: you know why he’s losing it and how to hold him at that exact spot on your chest to calm him down. That helpless desperation you get while holding a hysterical baby is replaced by a strange calmness, like you know it’s going to be ok. For the first time in a long time, you feel like you’ve got a grip on things again.

Finding that place is different with each kid. With Finn, we blitzed there in a little less than 3 months. Theo and I, we’re taking a little bit more time navigating our way there. We’re presently still drifting around in the ocean of baby fatigue but LAND HO! At least there’s land in sight and we’ll find our way there somehow.

I’m still up 4-5 times a night to feed/carry/soothe him and I was pacing the room with the baby in my arms at 2.15 last night when I realised that instead of feeling like “what am I doing wrong and why is this not working??”, I was actually getting good at this. I knew he’d strain and struggle to force that burp out and struggle some more to pass out some gas and I’d just have to hold him and whisper to him till he felt comfy enough to fall asleep again.

In developmental terms, it’s been a terrific month. A month to an infant is like a decade in adult years – they pack so much growing in just 30 days.

baby 4 months: Mr Personality

From being a stoner newborn, he’s suddenly plugged in, like he’s come online and aware of everything around him. It’s so much fun watching him trying to make sense of the world. Like “who is that ridiculously handsome baby looking at me in the mirror? I must get to know him” and “look! 3 other tiny humans like me, FUN!” and “oh, there’s my awesome momma, she’s the best!” Haha.

He’s starting to recognise faces and it’s nice to be one of those faces he recognises. He’ll be observing each face until he spots mine and I get to see this goofball grin happen.

goofball 4 months: Mr Personality

Little guy has discovered how lovely fingers are. He loves batting toys on his play mat with them and he loves holding my pinky with them but most of all, he loves some good old fashioned finger eating om nom nom.

nom 4 months: Mr Personality

He’s the talkiest of all the kids, which is saying a lot (ha!) seeing that I have 3 very talky kids. For an infant, he talks a lot, and loudly too. Some might call it shouting but it’s good, he’s learning early that he’s got to find a way to make himself heard in this crazy, noisy house.

Sometimes I think I should feel sad that I won’t be experiencing all this wonderful newborn excitement again but not really. I’ve done it four times and I’m good. I’m more than good, I’m positively thrilled that this chapter is over and I get to enjoy the other parts of having a baby from here on out.

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